Aren't these supposed to be removed?

So far this is a great patch, nice changes and all.

But I think you guys forgot to remove something from the game, namely 21 anointements?

and a ton more of these dropped in about an hour…


Edit: I checked everything else, vendors have legendaries, the veteran thing works… so my game is patched for sure.


People have brought this up in other threads, seems like its broken atm. I can’t test it but i think the hotfix applied thing has to be there, if it is then yeah it’s broke.

I might relog and see if the hotpatch already is on, but in the bottom left corner i can clearly see the news feed for the 23th july patch, so it should be fine.

Unreal. Seriously, how hard is it to test this? Less than 5 minutes worth of play time would tell you that these hadn’t been removed.


Definitely not removed, dropping in the world and vending machine has a while airborne for sale…

probably they have different people working for each fix and then when merging the changes ■■■■ just happens, quite normal when we are fixing a lot of bugs everywhere.

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@Noelle_GBX this might be a thing to look into and pass on. Other wise the patch is running damn fine, i have better performance on my ■■■■■■ PC, game runs smooth, no complaints whatsoever so far except this thing.

edit: also they FINALLY fixed the menu layout for 21:9. It was broken beyond belief before.

That’s why you test it before releasing it. There’s just no excuse for that to happen. This is coming from someone with 30+ years as a Software Engineer.


I have like a slight feeling, might be wrong, but i feel like they are rushing these patches out way to quick. And they fix what’s broken afterwards.

I would much prefer a patch every 2 months, but at least tested, on ALL M levels please. Stuff like that.

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Things can go wrong when applied to the masses too, it could be something upstream or downstream- It got released what, 2 hours ago? I’m sure they’re working on a fix, let’s not crucify them just yet.

From the patch and hotfix thread.

They announced on Twitter that it was just hotfixed. Said to back out to and reload the hotfixes to see the anointments removed.

Are you new? This is the test.


I’d not seen that until this, just had a quick look at twitter and saw that was an hour ago compared to 3 hours.

It IS being tested. By us…


No doubt.

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I’ve been getting old broken anoints, like the ASE +40% rad anoint, instead of either the +100% elemental or the +130% rad-specific one.

Is this fixed now or are they still dropping?

I haven’t played since the patch and didn’t really want to unless the anointment change was actually working. Can anyone confirm if this has actually been fixed or are the sliding/while airborne anointments still dropping?

It’s fixed, they fixed it the same day about 3 hours later or something. But yeah it’s fixed now.
Got a 100% cryo monarch finally :slight_smile:

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