Aren't we past immunity phases in bosses?

By the time you get to max level, gear, etc, they’re just annoying. I’m farming Mouthpiece for the 3rd hour straight to get a Nemesis with a anointment I like, can we stop doubling the amount of time for me to blow his head off(literally, Wedding Invitation ftw) by having to idle around while he’s invincible? Same thing with Troy or Tyreen? Main reason I like farming Graveward in general.


Hear hear. Dump immunity phases.

Well, with one exception.
When the Halloween event was on they did (in my opinion) immunity correctly.
The lock badasses and Captain Haunt himself went “immune”, but in those cases there were shield generators you could shoot to remove the immunity (very much like the Bos’n fight in TPS).
That’s acceptable. If the player can overcome the immunity by taking action, then I’m OK with it. Better than bunny hopping around waiting for the phase to end.


This is a valid point. Immunity phases 100% should be in games like this, but only if there is something that you have to do in order for it to end.


I don’t like immunity phases but I’m grateful for them as replacement for what we had in BL2, which was unavoidable AoE attacks that health gated us. So boss fights devolved into managing health gate.

One of the beneficial consequences of immunity phases to us the player is that passive health regen is actually useful in a boss fight now. Which is different than BL2 where most passive health regen was useless in boss fights because it couldn’t out heal health gating unless you used the turtle shield gimmick that massively lowered your health.

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I agree immunity phases are dumb.

Wotan’s are fine, where he stumbles for maybe 3 seconds then you can shoot him again. That gives you time to reload and reposition a bit. But Tyreen, Troy, Rampager, these guys have immunity phases that are seriously dumb. “Oh hey let’s one shot his first phase and stand around for a whole minute with my thumb up my butt! Such fun and engaging gameplay!”

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We’re apparently not even past immunity phases in non-bosses.


Tyreen is the one that vexes me the most.

When she hits immunity phase she doubles over allowing you to jump on her back…

except when she’s nearing the end, she can be in immunity fly off, send in that solar flare attack, land…then fly off again , send in the laser tumbler and fireballs…and then land and double over.

She seems to get more opportunities to put you on your ass whilst being immune.

I’ve never managed to climb her back. I just shoot the weak spot from the ground. But, yes, she does seem to get on a roll sometimes.