Aria should not be able to kill everyone with one hit

It’s just too much damage. Just lost 100 ops points when the rest of the team left and she killed me with one shot,

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You probably should change your strategy in the fight from “wail away at her face until she is dead” to “respect her damage potential, look for her telegraphed attacks, and only attack her when it is smart to do so”.


You’re assuming that I am attacking her when she kills me, that is not always the case.

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I’m treating this game like I would any other very difficult in the past, a careful game where you watch patterns and only attack when you see an opening. And she can only do this at higher levels, which you don’t have to play at, they give you many ways to back out.


As far as I know, I can only reset my ops points in solo. What are the other ways I can back out?

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This is a rude move, but many of the side objectives can be very easily shut down. Additionally, you can just run ahead and start things so people have to follow. Like I said, a very rude thing to do, but it works

Thanks for the suggestion, really, but that’s just not the way I play.

I’ve killed her a few times so I know it’s possible. Just have to decide whether it’s worth it or not.


I agree. The 2 little Aria encounters are ridiculous. You get one shotted far too easily. I’m mopping up ads then all of a sudden theres an explosion and I’m dead. Teammate comes and picks me up, one shot again. Her damage is far too high.

Eventually I started running up stairs and firing down at her.

You have to play if you want commander packs/title.

I’d say it’s not the damage that is an issue, but the “all of a sudden” part. I’d be OK with the one-shot damage if I had more clear signs of what’s coming and had time/ability to react accordingly. It will likely become easier once you fully learn her behaviour/mechanics, but still I’m not sure it will be enough.

All the same, you don’t have to get those titles and such. It’s up to the player. Of course nice goodies will be behind difficulty walls, otherwise challenge is just for the sake of challenge, and that’s not always fun

None of her 1 shot moves are instantaneous. They either have animations before the attack that give you time to respond or she transitions into certain attacks based off a script/conditions.
I think there will be a point for me soon where I can guarantee a deathless run on her.
No guarantees yet though



She telegraphs her one shot attack from a long way off, one of the windups is absurdly long.

The other one seems to happen when she gets her shield after a phase, so make sure you’re near cover when she’s about to get her shield (usually after 1/4 health).

The brutes are a bigger problem tbh.


You seem to forget she’s not the only enemy in this room. It’s not like I can look at her all the time.

Or just don’t let her charge her shield. If you can’t stop her shield from charging, that nova attack has a huge red flashing circle indicating the radius, so there’s no reason it should hit you anyways.

Brutes are indeed more of a threat. Fortunately, anyone with a projectile can leg them for a stagger and free headshots.


I haven’t forgotten.

In fact I have completed the mission at 100 ops points many times now and am yet to fail it.

You have a minimap with a giant boss shaped red mark on it where Aria is. It is very easy to kite away from the boss bubble while you clear adds, prioritising brutes, before safely attacking her when she isn’t using her major attacks.


Honestly, I’m sick of such “arguments”. They mean nothing more than “shut up and accept it as it is”. Game elements can be changed if devs find it reasonable, and players feedback is one of the reasons.


To expand off this
Those two jump pads on either side are amazing and there for a reason. Unless your a hardcore badass you should be on either side for the entire fight. This helps bottleneck the enemies and gives you a get of jail free card against either her or the mobs.


Looks like “animations and telegraphs” are not enough after all, just as I said…

Unless you’re standing in the middle of the arena and allowing yourself to be swarmed on all sides you should be able to reasonably keep track of the battlefield.

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Yes, and my feedback is that I like it. Why would the devs change it? I have yet to hear your argument in full. All I’ve heard is that you’re sick of mine.