Arkham Knight - worth it?

I really liked Batman: Arkham City so I purchased Asylum and I wasn’t feeling it. Knight is currently on sale on Steam so I’m wondering if I should check it out, but the reviews suggest that it’s prettier but not necessarily better than City. Was wondering what you guys think. The main thing holding my wallet back is the apparent focus on Batmobile missions - I’m more interested in regular combat.

Depends. As far as I know, the game runs like literal ■■■■ on midranged systems, and barely begins to be decently playable on high end systems. I heard they optimized the game somewhat, but I really don’t know. Oh, and the Batmobile apparently causes FPS problems while driving.

It is worth it, unless on PC as the port was very poor made

Did they fix it on PC? When it first launched it was so crappy they had to pull it off sale. Console versions ran fine.

Game was a bit of a letdown, AA and AC were way better. If its at bargain bin prices then yeah go for it, otherwise don’t bother. Plus the Knight’s identity is obvious from the start to anyone who knows anything about Batman.

I still don’t know if it’ll run well. I don’t really meet the CPU requirement, despite having a notably better CPU than current gen consoles, if that says anything about its performance on PC.

That too.

While replying to an OLD topic…

But yes, they did fix it.
At release I was running most settings low or off, and had frame drops. Stuttering. Textures not streaming in… and various other issues.

Now, after all the updates, the game runs beautifully. Maxed settings (minus the Nvidia “Gameworks” effects, which are mostly meh anyways)… and it holds a solid 60fps.
Looks absolutely gorgeous. The stuttering is gone, texture streaming is fast…
Rocksteady did a great job fixing the port.

Can confirm PC Port is fine, its worth it.

Ran it on 1440P UHD with 90-100 FPS.

Its actually my favorite of the Arkham game, the bad port at launch just overshadowed everything.

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It’s why I feel they should do “follow up” reviews. When a title is released in a poor state, if it gets fixed… a review should be amended to take the improvements into account.