Arm Yourself with this Godfall Mission Breakdown on the PlayStation Blog

Learn all about the Seventh Sanctum where you can swap Valorplates, choose your loadout, upgrade loot at the Forge, and organize your party for co-op in Godfall.

We hope you are ready to fight through the challenges — and earn rewards — as you save the world of Aperion. Our passionate team is so thankful for all the support and encouragement we’ve already received. We have been working tirelessly to create a beautiful world for you to explore, as well as creating an engaging experience filled with lots of combat and, of course, loot to collect.

We can’t believe we’re just one week away from the launch of Godfall and PS5. We wanted to give you a final look at the game before launch, so we’ll be walking you through how to set up your custom loadout in Seventh Sanctum, your home base within Aperion. After that, we’ll dive into how you can put that loadout to the test by giving you a brief peek at the first boss fight in the Water Realm against Thraex.

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