Armour moving like crazy while at menu screen

Pretty straight forward, nothing major or game breaking. After playing missions, Galilea’s armor, around the shoulders and waist more so, “vibrate” like crazy, not sure it is suppose, looks weird as hell.

I think it’s like a wind effect or something, in a ship yeah, but it’s badass !

i always assumed it was part of her personality, the corruption.

Never really thought about that, it might be.


It does look pretty strange, but no more so than the idle stance she is standing in at the character select menu - that has got to be the WORST possible defensive stance I’ve ever seen! XD
She may as well have just ONE LEG for how much balance and brace it’s giving her! n.nU

Also, while I’ve seen some REALLY absurd “female breastplates” before, those have GOT to be THE most UNGODLY uncomfortable “boob plates” I have EVER seen! You don’t build in “breast pockets” into armor ffs - can you imagine how much that would hurt!?!?

(And no: I’m not a girl - I just understand how plate armor is made, and kind of garbage blacksmithing would be both a TERRIBLE discomfort to the wearer, as well as a SEVERE design flaw, since the “breast pockets” would need to be A LOT less thick than the rest of the chest plate…)