Arms Race actually looks amazing!

This is just my opinion. I know for some people it takes away from a “Borderlands” game without AS and Skill Trees, however, this actually looks really fun. It’s like digistruct peak without the OP levels. I’m glad FFYL is still in this game mode because some people were not sure if FFYL was going to be in Arms (myself included). I like the gunplay aspect of this game, I actually have pretty good hopes for the new legendaries, and class mods. Not to mention the map and the design! I hope they make more maps like this one!


Im actually going to side with you on this. It seems a little appealing to me also and curious to try it. Going in bare a$$ without skills seems like a challenge but until i try it to form a grounded opinion im open minded about it. I mean its Borderlands right…


Its not gunna work for splitscreen with how small the text is it’s going to be impossible to read weapons descriptions in a timed arena.


I will never preorder or buy seasons passes as they are both stupid sorry no discussion there having said that can’t really say squat till we try it it may be abysmal crud or it may be something to mess with all I know is I’m buying the skill trees if it comes with that then I’ll try it out

It is NOT AMAZING in my opinion but NOT AS BAD as I thought it would be from yesterday’s stream.


I’m not a veteran of BL so I don’t speak for the community, however, personally BL is BL, it’s still the title, no matter how it branches out to different game modes.

Yikes, another sensitive topic, but it’s the same as Assassin’s Creed branching out to being an RPG, they’re trying their best to stay true to the franchise. AC is still AC. I’m a simple person, not a hardcore fan so I might have triggered a lot of people and get flamed. AC Valhalla looks amazing and BL3 SP2 looks pretty hype now, getting both Season Pass 2 and AC Valhalla.


Totally respectable, I’ve seen your posts from “arms race discussion” and other posts :slight_smile:


It’s basically what I expected since the announcement, EXCEPT for the lack of skills (I thought they might come up with some quick levelling system that wasn’t cumbersome to use during rounds).

I’m worried it’ll get stale relatively quickly.


This series is my all time fav and im sticking with them . I would rather be here than with destiny, i mean if you try something and like it why not. You shouldnt get much heat but true borderlands fans are passionate about this game lol.


Why though referring to destiny

I just like borderlands better. It grabbed me with the humor, characters and gameplay.

Ah ok thought you disliked destiny

Thats a whole other subject but bungie could do better.

I kinda badly want to discuss it lol pm me if you’re up for it lol I don’t disagree btw but I better not add 20 extra convos to this post that have nothing to do with it lol ;D


I think someone described it perfectly borderlands for people who don’t like borderlands. If you love It hope it brings you great joy friend.


So I have to admit, if the playerbase is big enough for matchmaking to actually work this time, Arms Race could really be

  1. an interesting new way to farm for the new stuff (just die already, save quit farming) and

  2. even more important, the most Borderlands-like gamemode and way to play in any Borderlands game ever (i.e. no fancy action skills or broken mechanics to insta kill even the toughest boss, just guns and your buddies).

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  1. A fun way to prevent modded gear

And to me that is exactly what the core of borderlands is (less emphasis on broken combos). Take away skills and action skills and you might as well be playing a generic shooter with lots of guns. But then again most of my fun in the game comes from experimenting with builds so that would explain why I think that way.

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I’m feeling excited, and I’m glad there’s a positive topic around here. Lately it seems to have been pretty sour around here.


That is perfectly fine of course, and everyone of us might have a different opinion on what makes the game fun.

However, guns (and not just legendaries) is most likely the number 1 core aspect of the series (if we go back to the roots of OG BL). Everything else (like action skills and the skills themselves) is basically just a way to make the playable characters different, and to offer other playstyles.

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