Arms race and takedowns wrong way round?

Might just be my opinion, but I can’t help feeling like if gearbox had released Arms race for free and added the 2 takedown levels as part of dlc 5, more players would have been satisfied with it.
Me personally, I haven’t bought dlc 5 and I’m not planning to, and I might not have bought it as a takedown dlc but I would have been more interested in it.

Just seems like the mode that nobody asked for, that disables various game elements should have been free and the mode that people wanted, which adds something should have been the paid content.

What do people think?

  • DLC should have been skill trees and takedown maps, with arms race free
  • The way gearbox did it was the better option
  • Either way would have been good
  • Either way would have been crap and I wouldn’t pay for DLC5

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I think Skill trees + Arms Race should be free, and the 2 takedowns could pass for a cheaper DLC5. I have never tried GTD, and most likely never will given the crystal charging, low-grav jumping, & poor drops.

My reason the skill trees should be free because it directly affects our drops whether we own it or not.


I feel like gbx doesn’t mean in anyway to give away free content like that in their game, ever.
Prior the handsome collection it was the same for bl2, you had to buy every dlc for full price! I paid 20 for Krieg and Gaige, there’s nothing new with gbx making you pay for every single drop. The Lilith DLC was an exception but now it’s again on purchase

Other option. Fix the game and balance it.

Regardless of what they did I wouldn’t be purchasing it because the game needs to be fixed. This past DLC has shown me that GBX only cares about the money rather than the state of the actual game.

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I would be happy either way as long as we could get some more Takedown’s.


I will keep my free takedowns thanks, I don t want Arm Race I can self challenge and do better than this mode, I don t want buggy trees either :rofl:


Same for me… Only tree I’m semi interested in was iron cub…

But so bored with the game atm I’m not even interested in playing a new character :sweat_smile:

And arms race… Nope…

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It is fine having the Arms Race bought content.
What is not fine, in any way shape or form, are anointments for paid only skill trees dropping in the base game. That was one of many deal breakers for me. Keep checking back to see if anything interesting happens, and just keep seeing more and more reasons BL3 will remain deleted from my system…


Yep… Pretty much the biggest D***move i’ve seen in gaming history…

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