Arms Race Bug - stuck in room no way out!

First time ever doing AR, fell in to a room with spiderants with no exit. The only ladder was blocked. NO switches or anyway to open it up. NO way out.

Any info on the entertainment value of that, I’m all ears.!


Did you kill everything in the room?



Kill em all and a ladder drops and two chests pop.


They just keep respawning…and with only white weapons i can’t kill them fast enough…I just traveled back to Sanct cause it was boring after 5 minutes of that nonsense.

There is a ladder it’s just blocked.

Yeah you need to kill everything

There is no way. That hurricane thing would have been well past where i was by the time I ever finished killing them with white guns.

The hurricane timer doesn’t run when you’re in menu, so plan ahead your route. Using a waypoint marker helps. That pit is close to the boss, so leave it for after you’ve had a shot at an outside chest.
You can see on the map whether a point of interest will be inside the next safe zone by the circle indicator. The more you play the better you’ll get a feel for what is achievable. I cleared that pit with melee first time around, because I missed my starting chest. Needless to say, I died that run.

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I understand the menu/timer thing, problem was it was my first time run and fell into a pit, with, as far as I know, no definitive way out since, no matter how spiderants I killed nothing happened. Besides the fact that I only had white weapons available to me, did leave me much choice. The hurricane was going to over take me regardless.