Arms Race can get you skill points!

JK, but if beating arms race could give you some currency/reward that when you accumulate enough of could be redeemed for skill points. That would both make the mode actually worth doing and remove the forced refarm that’s usually tied with gaining skill points.

Like does this thing even have a rank system it could be done from a score calculating how much damage you did, how many enemies or badasses you killed, how often you went into ffyl, how many times you saved others who went into ffyl, critical hits, critical kills, you get my point.

How you play in the mode would generate a score, and upon completing the mode (yes completing) you’d get a rank and the rank would work like gpa and give a certain amount of the currency based on the rank. Then in Co-op you could get options for additional points by being the mvp.

Thus the game mode is made better for all, and adds something to actually compete over in co-op.
As well as a reason to keep playing it once you’ve taken all the gear out of it after day 3.

Here’s my final thoughts on the idea, if anyone has anything reasonable to add, I’m all ears.
After a while I’ll send the suggestions to GB for when this mode almost inevitably gets fixed/updated.


Dang it you had me! But yeah, I’m with you. Arms Race would be more inviting if it offered some way to reroll an item or tweak an item stat.

Just tossing in more OP gear (or /shudder Meh-level TD gear) would be stupid. Thus even money that’s what we’ll get. Either stupidly overpowered gear that makes AR a must for the next meta-builds, or lame gear that’s not worth the effort (looking at most of you TD gear).


A lot of the completion stats would be based on luck, and unfair to compare to others. If you really are cursed, you could pick up nothing. It green & white shields & guns. Another run you could luck out & get a flipper or something.

Edit: unless your ‘score’ was weighted based on how poor your equipment was. Sounds too complicated for A cash grab DLC.

Tbh I think it is bad enough that this DLC has new exclusive guns that allegedly only drop from the final boss of this mode. That means you need to complete the whole thing possible multiple times to farm these new guns.

To me that sounds as bad if not worse then Pearl farming from Digistruct peak.

Honestly I would rather when arms race ended ether by success or failure the player was given some or all (depending on outcome) of the gear they collected. After that score us based on a list of factors like guns picked up, enemies killed, challanges etc. Then similar to say Gungeon and Dead Cells we get perks to give us an edge in the future. In addition attack cosmetics to special challanges and high scores so we have something to work towards that dosen’t actually impact the standard game.

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It would also completely destroy balance and any semblance of builds if you could just earn more skill points.

Maybe earn Eridium or cash, but earning skill points would just add another layer of broken.


Why you make me click on thia shiv mahn…

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Well, if you aren’t max level going into it, it can.

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No it wouldn’t, you’d only use/get as many as you need and dropping new skill trees without a way to fill them is asinine. And what balance?! lol w guardian ranks etc. people going around doing 10 billion damage, perks making ffyl last near forever, seriously what balance.

Stop worrying about balance its not our job, just let everyone do what makes your game fun/better.

If you’re worried about people doing damage up and away from yours just only matchmake with friends people that play like you do. If you’re only solo balance matters even less.

God i don’t get you guys, you act like everyone is stupid just giving them more skill points means they’d just max every single skill and get every capstone. More skill points just means more actual available options to specialize our builds.

eridium and cash are useless at this point. You get plenty of that from just going around killing the map.

Plus doing it that way would cover the issue of everyone having to refarm all their gear on level up.
Skill points without leveling.


I had an idea like that a while ago, but I realize now that in a way that’s the purpose of Guardian Rank being XP based.

How about they continue to add perks to guardian rank for us to unlock, one that don’t alter balance, but improve quality of life?

Make a capstone for one line converting Boss adjacent Respawn Stations into Fast Travels on maps where they don’t exist.

Another could be converting vehicle projectiles into the projectile of the weapon you have equipped when entering the vehicle?

A third, since for now there are only three trees, could be a bunch of Golden Keys or Eridium to use for Legendary mode on the Gun Gun or Veteran Rewards or Earl’s customizations?

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sigh, thanks for trying to be constructive, i appreciate that.

guardian ranks are an entirely different set of changes to getting skill points, honestly they’re far stronger, ex if you look at some pet builds even with all the changes they made since launch for boosting pet damage and survivability were completely worthless compared to the type of damage achievable just by adding some guardian perks like hollow point.

Putting quality of life behind guardian ranks is still bad because qol changes need to be available to everyone otherwise they don’t work, think of it like a social program, if you had to buy into it, it wouldn’t reach those that possibly need it most.

the boss fast travel thing is a good point for what I’m talking about, a great idea, that they could just implement instead of putting behind some mechanic

Changing vehicles aren’t really beneficial because 90% of maps limit vehicle access, so that’s just a lot of work for little benefit.

Last thing, eh we can get those by following their twitter or just killing stuff in game, but it wouldn’t be a bad alternative reward for my proposed idea. So yeah redeeming golden keys or a lot of eridium is a good one.

It is better if you can get other things besides just skill points, for when you don’t need those anymore.

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So arms race currency (based on score @ completion) can be stockpiled and redeemed for skill points, golden keys, and bunches of eridium.

and since I saw someone else mention it in another thread, I say can also use this to get quest reward specific items as well but they actually have anoints now.

That should be enough rewards so like this from most to least expensive. (but top should still be reachable without an insane amount of investment)

1 skill point
3 Golden Keys
1 item from a List of all story & dlc specific quest rewards items with random anoint visible before purchase
50-100 eridium (really cheap purchasable after 1 playthrough)

Ok that should be enough, and you chose at the end whether you will redeem your points or not.

And not sold on this, but I’m thinking you can only choose 1 selection per round completed, even if you have enough points for more.

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I was hoping they would do like the under dome where you had to beat a lesser version of the course to unlock “the real deal” and then for completing that you got a skill point. Though maybe cap it to 1 point for the arms race and then add 1 skill point for each half of the proving grounds (to make up for arms race only having 1 map to my understanding) for a grand total of +3 skill points overall. That would allow the I just want a little wiggle room to try that oh just shy build idea without turning the event into a mindless point farm. Then have quality loot on the line so this doesn’t turn into a grenade mode aka try and forget.

People are already pissed that the new skill trees are locked behind a paywall, and you want to put skill points behind said paywall too lol.

What i can see happening is this game mode being available since lvl 1, and you could lvl up your characters just by playing it, kinda like adventure mode in Diablo 3 or Crucible in Grim Dawn, and you would get Eridium, Keys, Items, etc.

But skill points being exclusive to that, nope.


well the skill trees aren’t coming out of dlc so you just gotta accept that, but if they have an entire new tree that they’re paying for they should at least have a way to fill it.

If not, then its possibly no different from not even having them, since none of trees have the damage or survivability that is in the other trees, so its not worth it, or not possible to give up much of current builds to branch out and still do top level content.

And this gives a reason to get the thing besides the skill trees. This is about adding benefit to the arms race.

Plus while we could use more, base game has enough skill points to complete about 80% of our available trees, we can get 2 capstones and fill half the remaining tree.

Capstones aren’t really or always the goal, but think about it this way, if we had gotten the skill trees in base game, would you have been satisfied if they didn’t or never gave more skill points, so the tree was never fillable, unless we completely removed all of our points in some other tree?

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What about skill points for use in Arms Race?

Level 65 is enough to fill almost two and a half trees. You had the wrong expectation if you thought new skill trees would also mean we get to keep the same portion of all skills filled. More choice now, more variety between players.
Besides, I heard somewhere that more level cap increases will come later on, but I wouldn’t expect a lot.

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have you looked at the trees, there’s nearly no damage gained in them, compared to what already exists. If we have to give up an entire skill tree to gain their benefit in exchange, you’re almost certainly left worse off in every case.

The exception of course being Amara.

Further level increases are just speculation and hope at this point; gearbox has said there would be no further increases for the foreseeable future.

Look the basic idea is simple skill points are useful, especially with new skill trees, there are people that want skill points, if you get them, and don’t want them, you don’ have to use them.

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You might be right, but only time will tell. Bear Cub, for instance, is looking like constant action skill uptime, letting Moze use some pretty strong anointments - but we don’t really know how easily Bear Cub dies.
Zane’s also seems very strong.

I wouldn’t want a level cap increase. With the way it has been handled in this game and events for grinding gear right before more levels had made me feel some type of way. Honestly, they should just keep current level as max and just add a Skill Point SDU.


I always love when people have an opinion on something and then just assume that their opinion will benefit all/be liked by all.

You have nothing to base the quoted statement on, and you shouldn’t presume to think that your opinion benefits all.


It does as far as I’m concerned, its hard to come out worse-off by adding and not subtracting as I’m removing nothing from the mode with my ideas.

And if it doesn’t the entire point of sharing my opinion here is to get the opinion of others.
So actually contribute something of worth or get out.

You offered nothing in exchange, so if you don’t even have ideas what are you doing here?
I’m not gonna waste my time on someone who can’t do better than troll.

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