Arms Race discussion

I got a star helix the other night and it absolutely wrecked everything. Shame for the murdercane I wanted to go pillage the full map.

Tina’s trippy hopper wrecked everything as well.

I’ve had a few legendary shields drop but only those 2 weapons I can think of.

Arms race items, I’ve had at least 1 copy of everything drop except a holy grail

Does anyone know once you kill the boss can you restart arms race without going back to sanctuary?

Just trying to improve loading times on ps4


No your only other choice is save / quit unfortunately.

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Yeah…this is absolutely absurd. My load times suuuuuuuuuck because I have to disable texture streaming in order to iron out a lot of the stuttering.

It would seem that if you’ve got arms race legendaries equipped and you enter the complex, when you get out those pieces will be unequipped and you have to assign them to slots again. How does stuff like this make it past basic Q&A? I’m not too keen on having to reassign my damn gear everytime I decide to take dip into arms race between other stuff.

mmkay… bought the darn thing because I can and don’t care,bt … before saying anything else, anyone still remembers " Revenge of the Cartels"? It was absofvuckinlutely for free with TONS of content that this lousy excuse for the “Designer’s”, “Director’s” or whatever the crap cut might be.
I couldn’t care less about US$15 buuut… if I go to a pub with my mates I KNOW exactly what I’m getting for my hard-earned cash. One could get exactly the same “experience” for free just by starting a new game and forever staying at The Droughts… it would be absofuckinglutely the same. Just replay the same mission over and over again, refuse to spend your tokens and you will get pretty much the same “experience” as with the “Designer’s Cut”. Save for one thing… it costs nothing and you can do it whenever and wherever you want to do it. Oh and about the so called “legendaries” exclusive to the “Designer’s Cut”… who the fvck cares!!! If you can only use them in the main game we all have “milked out” way more times than we would to remember… so fvck them! They in no way, shape, form , or whatever contribute to the quality of the experience. As they can only be used in the main game… what’s the point? Anyone who so far hasn’t finished the main story and all the DLCs and somehow thinking they’ll do better with these new, shiny and “better” pr whatever gear… they will not. I am almost tempted to finish the whole main story and all the DLCs with nothing but the green or blue rarity items. But I can’t get arsed to prove the point that the GBX totally and utterly lost the idea what the BL universe is all about.
Bottom line… there’s still that “Director’s Cut”, which btw we have no clue about. Once it gets out it will be, for me, will I continue to follow my years-long BL passion or to say that’s it… they’ve lost it and I’ll say… BLTPS as crappy as it might have been was way more fun than BL3. You had 7 fvcking years to come up with something better just to make the whole BL3 less enjoyable than pretty much any BL2 DLC. Jolly good work!!!


Oh god :smiley:
I just found a major glitch that definitely, definitely shouldn’t have passed basic Q&A.

Throw a hot spring and let the healing field expire. Doesn’t matter if anyone stands in it or not but it needs to spawn and go away so don’t throw it in to a wall.

All done?

You now have the grenades effect permanently on your character.

I couldn’t make this ■■■■ up even if I tried. You just need to throw one of them and you now have an invisible, permament 4000+ hp per second (assuming M10 hot spring) regen field centered on you and as it is a field it also affects anyone standing right next to you.

Fast traveling removes the bonus but you know, just throw another one. FFS Gearbox :smiley:

EDIT: You don’t even need to keep it equipped afterwards.


For me, Arms Race is a mixed bag. Sometimes, if I get even decent guns, I find myself having fun with it. But if all I’m getting is garbage, it quickly because a frustrating pain. I like the murdercane concept, but think it needs longer timing. I love some of the new gear, but getting it with the right anoints is a nightmare. So far I’ve extracted about 100 pieces on three characters, and only about a dozen have anoints that I prefer to use. I have had so many rounds where none of the red chest are even coughing up any of the new gear, and Harker only ever seems to drop one new item at a time. Makes farming the new gear extremely tedious and annoying. Overall, I’d say it has potential, but definitely needs some adjustments.

I wish I could start an Arms Race in each of the big open zones in the game.

It could be initiated from the menu and a countdown begins. All your gear is temporarily stripped and after the countdown you are teleported to a random chest spawn location on the map and the Arms Race begins!

The murdercane moves around the map as normal and eventually centers over a unique boss that spawns for each zone.


Something I noticed: when you go into Inventory menu in Arms Race, it actually tells you that you are playing a “Gear Up” mode.

So, does it imply that additional modes within Arms Race may become available later?

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No, I don’t get always 2-3 legendaries from the base game. But there’s no need to have so many of them. One weapon/grenade is enough. A Lob, Krakatoa, Star Helix, Ripper, Hunter-Seeker, Tinas Hippity Hopper, Hex, whatever. If you get only one of them, it will carry you through the whole run. The chance is pretty high to find one, especially when you have the Buttstallion-Milk-Buff from the Science machine. So the only difference is, we could switch weapons if we were allowed to use the Arms Race weapons.

And btw, you don’t even need legendaries there are some purple/blue weapons which are performing better than some legendaries (Atlas/Tediore).


I can’t tell how tired I am from farming Arms Race. 14 new Anoints, they make it so hard to get the stuff you want. Some of them even don’t make any sense - “When insert specific Action Skill is active +100% weapon damage” for example. Why exactly do we have an Anoint with “When ANY Action Skill is active +200% weapon damage”? Same for some stats. A “Beskar” shield with 115% bullet reflect, great. A “Thug” with “Critical elemental damage can create a nova”. Funny, this weapon never comes with an element.

I know, all of this isn’t new, we get inappropriate Anoints/Stats everywhere. But for Arms Race the effort is much higher than for the rest of the game. When farming a boss, you have to get there, kill him in max 2 minutes, quit, reload, repeat. In Arms Race you have to prepare, collect equip, you have do deal with white/green trash weapons, with the time limit from the murdercane… and sometimes you just die and don’t get anything. Sigh :unamused:


I don’t find it dull just horrible. I’m a geezer and without Iron Bear it seems I’m pretty much helpless in arms race.


I find the bugs that prevent gear from being extracted properly to be a real slam in the face after dealing with the issues of Arms Race. I’m just about done with this game if they don’t start fixing these bugs.

Splitscreen is still a mess, the game still crashes repeatedly, the loot pool is cluttered and disorganized, as is the inventory management system. I hate to point out that decade-old games do a better job of serving their players to this day, than GB has…and yet here we are.

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This could have been a glitch but idk. I got six airdrops during my last match. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure you usually only get three? Anyone else ever get more than three?

The previous match I stayed in the starting room until the storm killed me. I then crawled through the green orb thing while in last stand and died soon after hitting the ground.

They have GOT to, GOT to up the chances for the new gear to drop. Considering anoints and everything else in the RNG, the chests need to have guaranteed drops, and Harker needs to be dropping more than one item, everytime, especially since the class mods don’t seem to spawn in chests. Initially, I decided I would only extract the new gear, going for the 100pc trophy, but I eventually caved and started extracting every legendary I acquired over the course of my play time. Today, even trying the science loot booster, it took me more than 2 hours to extract the final eight pieces of gear. It wasn’t that I was dying with unextracted gear, that only happened twice today, but I was just getting nothing from the chests, or the vendors, and was just getting one piece at a time from Harker. It really kind of broke it for me. Especially because, of the 153 items I’ve extracted over three characters, in 40+ hours running Arms Race, only about 20-30 have useable anoints. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, fighting to gain access to these chests to get mostly white and green gear is ridiculous. This is supposed to be " Gear Up Mode" but it’s tough to gear up when you’re more likely to have a random enemy drop a legendary than the damned red chests, and even those are few and far between. I’d rather be picking and choosing what to send through, than never needing more than a single extractor, and rarely needing all of its slots.

Yes you can just extract your gear then save quit it only works if you kill the boss though.

Dont forget we got the nerfed version of arms race not the one moxy and killersix was playing they were getting legendaries all the time out of 65 runs i have only found 3 legendaries that were usable in arms race and two of those were legendary grenades everytime i go for that boogeyman chest i always get a binary sniper only boogeyman i got was from killing the boss but had a terrible annointment the boss needs to drop more loot because even if you have a bad run you still might get something good from the boss.

This is what i do on garbage annointment runs collect the gear anyway then when you get to boss vending machine sell legendaries with garbage annointments then buy a homing grenade you will kill the boss with one of those grenades dont waste your time extacting garbage annointments.

Yeah, I’ve gotten grenades 5 or 6 times, a black hole shield and a whiskey tango foxtrot shield, a sleeping giant, shreddifier, companion, and 4 gunarangs, and once an infinity that I died right after getting. That’s it for base legendaries I’ve had drop. Which sucks, because the runs when they dropped were some of the funnest I had.

You actually got legendaries you could use IN Arm’s Race?

Dang. Haven’t seen a one.