Arms Race discussion

Played a bit today to see what the clairvoyance was like (still don’t know why they thought it needed buffs)

And probably will shelve it again for weeks/months to come (or something great needs to happen)

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I decided to finally give Arms Race a try. After all, I’ve had it since Nov. 9th and I’ve done nothing more than pick it up to stop hearing the Axton/Sal infomercial.
After two days of running the map I’ve only gotten 16 items out, well, 17 if I count the Maggie. At first the frequent dying was stressful but now I’ve come to terms with it (unless I’m carrying something that I really really want to extract). I’ve started using the strategy of running to the farthest chest in the protected area, fighting to gain access to it and then fighting my way back to the Harker arena while trying to gain access to an extraction point along the way (sure wish there were more of these).
Overall it reminds me a bit of the grinds in BL2, except with a lot more dying. I’m still trying to get a better feel for how the Murdercane works. It seems to stop moving when you first arrive at a chest area and then restarts a short while afterwards. It also seemed to me that the less you do the more frequently it moves. At one point I found a safe place to hangout during the movement and even though it timed out, the timer immediately restarted and it just kept moving.
Anyway, I think there is more to do here and the accomplishment of extracting that one gotta have item makes it feel good.


You’re entitled to your opinion and I have no problem if you dont like it, but for my perpective you couldnt be more wrong, on pretty much everything.

I do a couple AR runs almost every time I sit down to play. Its my go-to if I only have a little time to play. I hate Fortnite and all its clones, and this is BL.

From day one of BL1 one of the base pillars of the game has been the guns. AR is all about the guns. Sure some legendaries are still bad, but Ive had immense fun with items Id never pick off the ground in the main game. I switch tactics and strategies based on the gear I pick up, something I wouldnt do with a character whose skills are all tweaked to a particular purpose.

The Harker fight is designed for four players? Seriously? I think AR as a whole is way more fun solo and the boss is no exception. Have never found it unmanageable. More fun than farming Graveward or the Agonizer for sure. Comingup with a strategy to hit as many chest spots and air drops as rapidly as possible without having to go through committee makes it fast and different every run. Im not that interested in most of the new legendaries, but thats not why I play it.

It expands the methods and modes of the game its part of while still using the same ballistics, damage methods, inventory system, etc. Comparing it to other games is irrelevant. Instead of playing those I can play a similar mechanic in the BL I enjoy.




I can’t wait until a action skill/skill point mod makes it’s way to arms race. If you haven’t check out the github mod page. Some really interesting stuff there. .

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I hate Arms Race and won’t play it again. I have goid versions of all the weapons I want so playing it is pointless.

It’s incredibly boring and just a poor rehash of Fortnite. There’s no way after AR I’m buying the next DLC.

Straight up. No encounter in Borderlands has EVER made me so angry. Every single death in arms race feels like absolute cheap ■■■■■■■■.

Arms race takes the worst of battle royale and combines it with an absolute bare bones version of borderlands.

This game mode is not fun. It is not challenging - it is punishing.

There’s nothing challenging about being killed by a random barrel or grenade or an enemy ten miles away and then being unable to FFYL and then lose your loot - of which %99 of the time is absolute garbage anyways since the chests almost never even drop a legendary, never mind the legendary you want or with rolls you want.

This mode is punishing and not fun and I regret buying this DLC, it is absolutely awful.

Even the most popular and most modern battle royale (Warzone) at LEAST gives you a second chance. It at LEAST allows you to buy skills and other perks.

This is just a punishing slog. Who on earth thought that THIS is what fans wanted is insane. I can see why this is called designers ‘cut’, because it was so bad that it was cut.

There’s absolutely NOTHING challenging about going through this slog and then having the game say ■■■■ you and take your loot away. That’s called punishing gameplay NOT challenging gameplay.

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You mad bro? Lol

Guardian Breach is punishing. Sometimes the Arms Race is, but it wasn’t created out of anger like the GTD.

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it’s why no one of my friends bough the dlc, i bough first and say don’t buy it until he go down to 5$

chest drop is so poor i never see this before.

opening a white chest who contain only sniper on rocket luncher in a race, yeah yeah i take my time to snipe in a race…

done over 500 runs and 10% of the red chest countain a legendary and 50% of the 10% it’s a world drop…

Jacob and torge weapon without skill is so useless…

i do 1 run sometime but i stoped to play arm race, to stupid.

Edit: they say badass have better loot and give more xp, arm race is full of badass and drop nothing more you can loot from a random mob. just longer and harder to kill for nothing.

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Yeah it’s just not worth it. The drop rates are way too low to justify spending as much time in that crap as you have to


I honestly do have moderate fun in arms race and I don’t feel like the legendary drops from the assigned chest is TOO low, but it may be slightly higher either, while it is not uncommon to see a regular enemy dropping a Leggendary expecially when in the final stages of the run. It seems like the more the murdercane restrict the more the rarity of the items increase.
The only thing is that you have to get workables weapons in the first chest or in a early one or it might become a pain, but sure thing is, a lot of unsospectable weapons works woder in arms race so its not that bad, I’d say every 4/5 runs you get a fail out of bad weapon luck.

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I liked the idea of ​​such a mode in the game, but I feel that it is badly underdeveloped.
The mode takes many ideas from battle-royales, but is a roguelike in itself, which causes mixed feelings.

The map is pretty dull for repetitive gameplay, it gets really boring super quickly.
A good idea for a map for this mode is like did devs in MHW for Guiding Lands: The map is divided into specific areas related to different biomes, but on a small scale. The same could be done in the Arms race: split map into zones relative to base game planets with their style and environment (Pandora / Promethea / Athenas / Eden-6 / Nekro). This would help players better navigate the map. Add more vertical gameplay (like telezappers, jump pads and platforms) and points of interest.

Add bosses. Make people want to play the mode, and play it with friends. Add New unique loot table for them, make bosses specific to different zones. Add cool legendaries to the loot with an increased chance, at least from the base game, such as Hellshock, Monarch, Reflux, Frozen Heart, good class mods/relics and etc, as alternative farming of option in game.

The most efficient way to farm the mode now is to immediately run to the chests with dedicated drop, check it if there is a legendary and restart the map. Or come to one point, check the loot, if the zone allows, then come to the second, kill the boss and that’s it. There is no point in killing enemies along the way and trying to look for something on the map. Time is too limited.
Add a special bar for the mode: the more you kill enemies, the more loot you get. For example, if you get 25% then you get more green loot from enemies, 50 for blues, 75 for purples, 95-100% legendary. If you don’t kill enemies, the scale decreases.

I hope that as a result, the mode will not be abandoned, and it will be updated with new legendary items, skins and hats


Ya ive tried 3 times to get to the plasma coil chests, i run past everything and barely make it there on time and now im there almost out of time with ■■■■■■ guns cause i didnt kill anything on the way, not sure how its supposed to work

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Find out what guns work for you (or rather manufacturers) i tend to go for Dahl, CoV and atlas pistols. Ignoring jakobs (white and green are hard to use) and torgue, wich for some reason suck.

Learn the map layout so you have an idea where you drop in and the fastest route to the chest you want to reach (when outside the safe zone) also try to memorise where weapon chests spawn (sometimes they spawn a little of your fastest route wich only takes a few seconds to check)

Run and gun, do not take out whole mobs… Try taking out easy targets on the way but still keep moving (while trying to take as little health damage)

Before you can open the door to the chest(s) you have to kill the mob in the room wich will drop some useful gear (maybe even a chest nearby)

It’s pretty tedious either way you look at it… You could always pull a vault card weapon (don’t forget to extract it and don’t die before you do so because it will be lost forever)

After you opened the chest(s) you want keep track of the murdercane and try getting some airdrops (if you find the item you want probably best to find an extraction point so you won’t lose it when you die) the murdercane does not hit in the boss fight :wink: (or at least i never stayed long enough to find out) so you can explore until it shrinks and forces you to fight the boss. Wich has 1 guaranteed drop (random)
This last part you can even ignore :wink: wich half the time is how i farmed arms race, because i had more luck checking the chests i wanted and restarting if it didn’t have what i wanted.

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Plasma Coils also drop from the Heavies and the Loot Drops. (I rarely find them where they are supposed to spawn.) My biggest gripe is the coms that A: rarely drop B: when they do, it’s for a different VH than the one you want. C: never appear in the designated chests.

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