Arms race DLC is bad in alot of ways

This mode had some potential but why would you make it so bad?
Its basically a rouge lite where there is no real earning in it to make me wanna play it at all and ima list some of the worst things about it that could make it better.

Legendary drops, WHY? JUST WHY? 90% of the drops i get are “locked” so i cant use them to fight, what’s the point? oh nice gear you picked up to bad its locked for no reason at all you cant use it so its not a reward so much as a punishment.

Loot drop locations, I get why all the loot drop locations are limited to a few but the boss drop area… only 5? So i hit up a good portion of the map pick up 7 or so items not to mention if im lucky an item/s that carry me thru and i get only 5 after beating the whole thing? that’s the dumbest thing iv ever seen basically pick up the 1 item you want and go its not worth hitting up anything more that’s the worst thing you could ever do. punishing me for essentially doing good is the worst mechanic in a game.

No reward for the area its self, no xp or special way to unlock abilities or bring in gear i previously had on another run, the player should get some sort of reward for playing, like xp that slowly unlocks your build from the start (even if it resets each time) shoot even cap it at like lvl 15 or something.
The ability to take a single item from your last run into the next run, you know anything at all? just something… make it less of a drudge to complete over and over again.
Class mods that cant be taken out even would work wonders, if you find one lying around if gives you an ability and a few skills that are on it that you determine, this would allow you to control he power of a player in the area while letting them play the part of your game that makes it borderlands the abilities. I didnt wanna play just another shoot em up game i wanted to play an ability slinging game of chaos with some guns in it after all.

ANNNND the drop rate, eridium costs, and grind in general in your game i feel is not in the greatest spot, i wanted to play a fun game not come home to a 2nd job. if i wanted that i would play an MMO not a looter shooter.


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My idea is that arms race is a good idea but with no-so much effort being putted in it, it’s a cool start if they choose to improve it.

I don’t really am convinced that 5 items estraction is too low, I mean, you ever hardly find more than 3 items really worth it. Even if, I usually go immediatly to an estraction point when I find a good legendary That I need to keep, so that I Can still use the full 5 after Arker.

As for skill-classmod yeah, I feel like they could implement also JUST Action skills, maybe just one per char for every run, and that would be called a day for arms race. It’s basic things, we could use ase, ass, n2m. We already can use effectively urad, ch1, 300/90 in arms race, heck, let us use the others too ( but idk, maybe MNTIS would be too much for that mode…)

I have to disagree on the arms race exclusive drops being locked. They are mostly super good items, being able to use things like the Coil would trivialize the mode, and Gbox doesn’t want that, the tediore balancing happened for that reason for sure. Also not being able to use your usual super good items lets you enjoy green, blue and purples, something that people seems to want to experience really a lot! So yeah arms race might be the right place to see purples really shine ( and boy, they really do)

The mode itself is not bad by any mean. I play it on a regular basis as it is a cool pause from the mayhem regular game I use to play, something different you know. Of course, I would improve a lot of things. For example I would increase the chance of legendary loot rooms to give their assigned drops to almost guaranteed. I remember too much times struggling to get to a chest and then finding whites inside. Also, it is me or the coil-army-kcharger chests seems to be often out of murdercane circle, or either a lot more stingy with its drops?


Arms race feels exactly the same whichever character we play. For me, it is nothing more than a way to get certain meta weapons. I never play it for ‘fun’ because it just isn’t fun to play.


I somewhat have to respect Gearbox for trying something different for a Borderlands DLC but Arms Race didn’t land all that great with me. Kinda like @EldeeFifty said it’s just a way to get gear for me. Not all that exciting or fun. I don’t hate it like some but it’s not a great addition from my perspective. Gets pretty bland after a handful of runs. Surprised they only gave it one map


The issue of Arms Race is , we do not have progression , it’s just take you’re white weapons and do with it and very often a lot of weapons is really really bad it take ages to kill a simple ennemy and we have the dogs , all the badass who deals a LOT of damage , the drop rates sucks , you can spend 20mins in the same game in Arms race , you open a red chest and you have white weapons , why ?

Just fix the drop rates in chest , get a little bit more WD legendaries ( you can kill the entire map and not get a single legendaries ) and add maybe few hidden chest who can unlock Abilities

I Actually find them fun and super easy to run (tho i would NOT buy a game where arms race is the core content)

Makes you appreciate all the effort gone into the variety of parts that an item can roll .

If anything the epic drops should be raised a little bit more , but getting a legendary drop in there just means auto-win , so im fine with their low drop rate !


I honestly dont want them to drop more i just wanna use them, which i dont get to when most of them are “locked” although its not like the mode is hard its just tedious. I ran this on mayhem 10 i rarely lost, but i did lose out on a few items because i had only 5 slots to take when i was doing the boss, for real i lost a good 10 or so legs to that system. I could have stopped to drop them else where but because i was trying to get the most loot so i didnt have to play it any more i often didn’t have time to kill everything guarding the stations and drop till after the boss. So i stopped going to the boss and just yeeted an item into the nearest station and died on purpose. this saved me a massive amount of time.

To some other posts as well.
The mode isnt fun i respect that they wanted to do something different its nice they tried at first i was like yeah this is interesting. but it got old after about the 3rd try lol so i was marking the map hitting the high drop chest areas and blasting out to the nearest drop point in just a few minutes or dying if i didnt get anything. I just wanted a few class mods and 2 of the weapons spent maybe an hour to and hour and a half on 5-10 minute runs average to get them and i wont go back. Which is kinda silly why make content if no one is gonna play it more then they have to? I often didnt even do the boss just a waste of time cuz then i have to port to sanctuary then back again.

I dont want any or all of my ideas implemented but i do want them to think about it, any system that made this mode feel like it had progression via some sort of reward or something to take into the next run or a unique way to gain benefits each time i start would work wonders. I think allowing me to pick a single item for example from my last run would be cool. I never get to use it outside of that mode if i choose this and if i died i would loose it, but i started with the item. If i found a better item i could choose that, you know give me an attachment to that item and all it has gotten me thru a personal investment. Something like that would be better then what it is now if you ask me personally.

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I actually like arms race and I think it’s one of the better grinds in the game, as opposed to farming a boss for 100 times to get something you want (this has been improved by the anointment reroll machine). It has a few issues though.

  1. Murdercane is poorly implemented. I get that they want people to access only certain chests at a time, but people can simply bypass this by resetting the fight. Also, murdercane should be paused if you enter an arena with a chest, at least in an arena from which you can’t escape.
  2. There’s no uniqueness for different vault hunters. They should give us like 10-15 skill points or at least 1-2 action skills, but then some VHs are stronger early game (e.g. cold bore is op as a starting skill), so I’m not sure this is the best solution.
  3. This is more about the core game’s balance. Some guns are simply worse, while some guns are op. For example, most tediore guns, terminator (maliwan), any cov guns really, some vladof guns are much better than other guns. And there are other guns that are really bad by comparison: generally most torgue guns (after the nerf), some atlas guns (rocket pistols), some jakobs guns etc. If they took the time to buff some bad guns, it would be great.

If more class mods dropped in arms race it’d be more fun.

To use during, not to extract, to be clear.

In terms of DLC 5 I enjoy Arms Race but I’ve never been a fan of the fourth skill trees they should’ve just made a new VH instead like people were asking for

It is very fun in co-op, I run it regularly with a friends,first we treat it like a military squad and objective,second we run a scout and team leader so we usually have a clear picture of our objective
we make sure other members have their shields and weapons up to the task ie: team health so everyone has fun and can make it out with something. I personally have gotten some great gear extracted and had alot of fun while doing the dlc


I have been trying to play arms race for a while and have got a few decent items, but it has so far broken my bank (in game) and I have lost quite a few attempts just because of a combination of luck, playing solo and enemies killing me and then either exploding themselves or running/teleporting away. Not fun at all.

The legendaries that you get can be awesome, but I just finished a run where all I found were half an inventory of shotguns (non better than a purple mali) ,an atlas sniper, and a terrible torque launcher. I found so many shields and artifacts that it was mind boggling. I ended up dying while trying to grab some ammo crates in boss room due to having only low ammo weapons.

I’m not bad at the game, but every shotgun either took 2 secs to fire or did no damage. Skill plays a large part but luck plays an equally large part when it is all or nothing. You die and lose everything which makes no sense in a borderlands sense. When I do a takedown and die I don’t lose everything on me.

This blows the guardian takedown out of the water for difficulty due to it just being impossible to predict where the ring will spawn, what items you’ll get or whether the annoying twin annointed boys will hunt you down. Those guys are the worst. This mode actually makes me have to stop playing the game due to frustration.

I totally felt the same as OP when I first started running it. Hated Murdercane, no action skills, the roguelite elements…
Now it is some of the most fun I can get out of the game, as I’ve done every story and DLC mission, takedowns, raidboss etc. You really have to give it some time to grow on you.
-I really like that it makes you appreciate non Meta weapons, whites and greens, hell even legendary grenades no one ever uses.
-It has some of the best Meta weapons in the game! The Plasma Coil is probably the best all-round SMG for all vault hunters(IMO). Think the Kickcharger might be the highest dmg RL.
-It actually provides a challenge to those in endgame that have Meta builds.
-It shows Gearbox were down to take a risk!!!

I do wish it allowed like 1 action skill or something to make it worth using each VH separately. Like +Splash dmg on Moze, +Crit on Flak, +Elemental dmg Amara, + movement spd Zane.

-ALWAYS play on M10 or 11. The Arms race doesn’t factor mayhem, and you’ll get m10 weapons.
-Plan ahead. Check the gear you want and which chest drops it online.
-Immediately check the murdercane upon dropping in. If it’s close to or covering the chest you want, save quit.
-There are usually several chests in the area in front of the boss room and on the stairs leading up to him. If your drop in finds are crap, you can try there pretty fast for some gear. Just kite enemy bullets, and grab chest/s.
-The animals and soldiers will easily fight each other! Use this to quickly grab air drops without even shooting.
-When the Salamanca Brothers (twin anointed) show up, RUN and find a good place to make a stand. The machines before the boss usually works for me. Rockets and Tediore throws are your friends here. They aren’t that hard, but usually show up when you least expect it and are hard to get a second wind off because they teleport.
-Harker really is an endurance battle. If your gear sucks, just watch your health, and keep one lackey alive should you go into FFYL.

Hope that helps! Happy hunting!


arms race was ok for a while as I was getting several wins every time I tried in both solo and with random people who joined my game on pc version. now I cant get a win to save my life . about to uninstall as if ya cant win I cant get the loot , hence making it pointless to play .

like most have mentioned have done everything so much the whole game is getting stale. and not letting us take anything in this mode of gameplay or even able to use our skill and class talents is taking it too far! make a quest series you can complete to unlock the ability to take in an item . like after ten victories you can take in a pistol of your choosing , but once you choose one that is only one you can take in ! as constantly getting garbage weapons is annoying thats how you loose player support!

Do you know about the re-volter glitch that makes Arms race super easy Borderlands 3 Perma Revolter Glitch! How To Get Revolter Into Arms Race! - YouTube. past 24 hours I farmed 4 great Torrents and every element Kickcharger. The effect is so powerful that you just get a reasonable gun say a Dahl Pistol and run to the chest you want - even if it won’t be in the safe zone - the 3 mins you have before the Murdercane arrives is enough to get the chest open. If there’s a chest in the safe zone I want to hit I then head there then mop up any Air Drops followed by the Boss. I only died once in about 20 rounds

My first time playing arms race and I really enjoyed it. I thought it was great to have something else to play. I’m honestly disappointed its not a permanent option to play I didn’t realize it was only available for a short time.

It’s permanent if you have DLC 5

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I’ve have DLC 5 but didn’t see the location to travel too nor did the poster on the wall bring up anything. I’m fairly new so could be missing something here I don’t know. I’ll have to check again tonight.

Once you have clicked on the poster in sanctuary you will have a location on Pandora called Stormbind Complex to access - it will be right at the bottom of the list of Pandora locations and on PS4 it is not visible on the list of Pandora locations until you scroll down to it - hope that helps


I love the arms race mode and I only recently discovered last year that I love the rogue like genre.

I know a lot of people would like to be able to take a piece of gear in with them or unlock an action skill, etc and I do understand that but for me that would ruin the fun and point of the mode.

In rogue likes (or rogue esque stuff) you’re supposed to start with nothing each time and work your way up and there is always going to be the high risk of one wrong move and you lose everything, that’s the main aspect of the genre. Not for everyone I know but I thoroughly enjoy it.

I love the randomness of the loot drops and I love how the rng makes you use your brain and skill. Trying to get through with white vladof or torgue items is really hard but it is down to you, your aim, strategy and adaptive playstyle to work around these problems.

Likewise getting a legendary drop and wrecking heads is super fun and allows for a lot of crazy plays.

Plus doing run after run means you develop your own little tricks or routes to clear areas/grab chests. I think on my best chest run I managed to open 4.

I play a rogue like on my phone too and it took me 62 attempts to finally beat it for the first time. Since then I’ve only managed to beat it another once but I still love trying to master it.

I actually can’t wait to get a PS5 and play Returnal, I think that looks stunning.

But yeah I feel it is a very decisive genre and completely understand if people don’t find it enjoyable.