Arms Race: Extracted Loot Disappears (Xbox ONE X)

While I have extracted items around 10 times (often 2-3 items per extraction) - none of these items actually makes it to my Bank. My current count is 335. When I extract I can see that number go up after I extract, but it returns to 335 immediately after - which i can see if I interact with the extractor again after using it (the slots will disappear as they have been used, but my bank shows 335).
I have cleared all of my local saves, cleared the cache, did a hard reboot and reinstalled - and I still cannot get any loot of Arms Race - making that game type less than useless (as it is an unproductive waste of time since I cant get loot).

I should also say that the gametype also feels really unstable generally. Frame rate drops are ubiquitous - even when soloing. I have definitely died quite a few times because I couldnt hit the broad side of a barn even with decent weapons, because what I was seeing wasnt what was happening.

I have the same problem

Are you on Xbone? This is what the error looks like for me:

Yea but they fixed it.
Use this link to fix it.
They fixed it today without telling me ( not complaining). Hopefully they’ll be fast with you too.

Any idea what was done? I already have a support ticket and bug report in, but they havent really offered to try to do anything yet.

I have no idea I tried everything you tried and nothing worked so I think it’s a bug on their end. I even deleted all my loot in the bank and nothing changed so it’s them not you.
Be patient is the only advice I have.

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