Arms Race Extractor FAIL (EVERY GD TIME)

[ARMS RACE Irreparably Bugged on XBOX ONE X for me]

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this happened to me as well on PC - Steam. Only if i go back for another round without reloading the save after finishing. That might be the trigger that causes loot to not deliver, playing more than once in a row.
Whatever its causing it, it does happen. And since this is the point of the mode, it better be fixed soon, lol…

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I haven’t been able to extract a single thing in any situation - initial play through or otherwise. My bank just reverts to original state within seconds of extracting any gear.

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This a similar occurrence. im playing xbox co-op and first person can extract fine but second play gets message that they extract more then 5 , even though they haven’t extracted anything. if first person saves a few slots to help get loot as a work a round it then cancels any slots they have left . also after error and back in sanctuary it will not allow characters to use skill points that received . have to exit game and go back in to use skill points

I can not even make the screen small everything is so bad can not even see what i am extracting or the extract button.

OK this still seems to be a problem. I’ve been trying to get a Spy COM and finally got one to drop, but it’s no where to be found. I don’t want to go through this crap again.

GB, fix your game!

Same problem on PSN… In solo mode only. In coop mode, together we can only extract 5 after the boss or the 2/3 in game extract points. It’s not available for each of us.

Also, on SOLO mode for me (always player 2 in coop mode because of loss of bank at the start of the game), Arms Race STOPS every 7 seconds for a SECOND. This really screws up FFL, trying to grab weapons, jump away from bad guys… It doesn’t happen in coop mode, or solo for my partner (always player 1 in coop mode).

I really enjoy the idea of Arms Race, but this bug is really discouraging…