Arms race is awful

Arms race takes the worst of battle royale and combines it with an absolute bare bones version of borderlands.

This game mode is not fun. It is not challenging - it is punishing.

There’s nothing challenging about being killed by a random barrel or grenade or an enemy ten miles away and then being unable to FFYL and then lose your loot - of which %99 of the time is absolute garbage anyways since the chests almost never even drop a legendary, never mind the legendary you want or with rolls you want.

This mode is punishing and not fun and I regret buying this DLC, it is absolutely awful.

Even the most popular and most modern battle royale (Warzone) at LEAST gives you a second chance. It at LEAST allows you to buy skills and other perks.

This is just a punishing slog. Who on earth thought that THIS is what fans wanted is insane. I can see why this is called designers ‘cut’, because it was so bad that it was cut.


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