Arms race is complete Garbage

This is the worst thing to hit Borderlands since the original game.

Like Borderlands 3 couldn’t get any worse. Oh hey I got an idea, let’s make a game mode that is completely unfair and gives the players no advantage. Oh, then we’ll give them new loot that they won’t be able to keep because they are just going to die over and over again.

I can’t wait to see how you idiots screw up Borderlands 4.


Hard disagree. I find AR to be a fun mode that is consistently winnable.


the dream is borderlands 4 but this time they invest in DEEPER filled out skilltrees that are laid out to be finished at 50 per tree or idk 40? so it makes a BIG impact to go down a single tree
vs now where you can go down rly fast and get a second one finished by lvl 57 or so

because this is why they implement op lvls or mayhem lvls or other things
we reach the end of the entire tree system way too fast
so they implement lvl ups that dont give skillpoints

with this change and with a way less powerful annoint system the games balance will change everything

then we go down with a better endgame design
where i think proving grounds and circles are good

takedowns and the arms race are just harder versions / versions with a twist of those

so we should get in the next game
1 takedown
3 proving grounds
2 circles / 1 is an arms race but with better implementation / skills work
1 classic raidboss
2 stackable raidbosses / it was a whole new activity to farm vermi for that sweet norfleet, it was something you could do and that takes time with a good reward. however with a fixed more reliable method of evolving varkids it would be better

this allows for so much variety endgame

all i basically want is a deeper skillsystem that is made out to work for lvl 60+ and a shifted endgame content variety
pretty much existing content has been shifted
arms race could 100% be a cool thing, but not for this much cash, and not without the skills

I agree on how bad season pass 2 is and the future of directors cut most likely won’t be any better. Just have to wait since now they have my money…
As for a Borderlands 4 I’m going to speculate that the developers have either burned out or have exhausted their imagination talents and this season pass 2 seems to prove that. Likely there won’t be a 4. There have been some, in my opinion great moments in the Borderlands series, sadly though most of them were in BL2. While I liked the base game of BL3, the DLC’s were weak and slightly disappointing.
To the developers, should there be a BL4 don’t count on my $ until it is in sale in the bargain bin if then.
B TW, the legendary drops until early Dec. are few and far between and the quality of drops in general seems worse than usual if that is possible.
Oook my bruthas Ook!:monkey:

Same. It’s fun not blowing enemies away in a fraction of a second. Could use some work it really needs to be polished but I’m enjoying it

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Arms Race is incredibly boring, and poorly executed in many respects. I think it was an ill conceived idea to try to force a Battle Royale type game into an FPS Looter Shooter. “Hey, we have over a Billion weapons, but you can only use 30-40 over and over.”

Of all the things they could’ve done with the new DLC, and this is the highlight? It’s a really cop out IMO.

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