Arms Race Legendaries

Did Gearbox do an Arms Race hotfix recently? I’m literally getting around 20 random legendary drops every run. Mostly world drops and BA enemies and the majority are arms race legendaries.

There is an event going on

ah. which on e is this?

Oh cool! What is it and how long does ot go for?

Clear Skies Mini-Event Dec. 14-23 (and yes, I’ve farming it since it started, one run yielded 37 Arms Race specific legendaries and 4 base game legendaries)

@Ozyymandias Is 37 an exaggeration or typo? Really? 37? Legitimately curious if AR legendaries really are raining like that.

Not a typo. that was my max. Never less than 20, average about 27. Good time to farm a perfect version of your favorite shield, class mod or Exceptional Dark Army ++. My most recent run was 25 Ar-specific: , 4 base. Worth noting sessions last longer due to clear skies, but stll getting vastly more drops than normal. Also, because loot quality is better across the board, you get better equipable guns and shields earlier, making the killing faster – most drops seem to come from kills.


The cake is NOT a lie
stuff from one run , all arm race leggos
Drop rate is insane


I decided I wanted to try Arms Race this evening. First two runs - game crash. Accompanied by 6+ minute Xbone restart time each instance. And also kicked to Covenant Pass. Not real fun LOL.

Ugh - GBX, please optimize Wonderlands more effectively.

I’ve done 4 Arms Race runs so far and am seeing nothing like the numbers of drops you guys are talking about.

I am seeing slightly more drops possibly, but I just did an entire run where I hit 3 different chest locations, all the accessible airdrop locations, and killed all the enemies, and I think I saw maybe 6-8 total legendaries (possibly less, I didn’t count). Seemed only maybe slightly better than normal, if at all. Maybe I have just had bad luck.

Edit: it appears that random world drops of AR gear are more abundant. Honestly though - just make the actual designated chest drop their respective lewts.

Well in the event description it says enemies have a chance to drop better loot. Personally the difference is really noticeable, most badasses drop something and even pup skags sometimes drop legendaries. Chests on the other hand don t seem to be more generous. I am on PS 4 , platform specific issues might occur.

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Agree with your last point. On my first run today, I saw 31 legendaries, but only one dedicated to a loot room. My strategy normally is to move to the loot rooms as efficiently as possible, killing the minimum number of enemies necessary to get the door open. During the event, I just kill everything along the way. I had seven drops before I even opened a red chest on my last run.

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I generally run to the rooms also. I still am running by some of the enemies I guess, maybe I should just be killing literally all the enemies instead and just ignore the rooms altogether.

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At this point everyone is dropping legendaries it looks like. I usually just go for the Spy chest right off the bat and then kill everything I see after that

Spy chest?

Spy class mod chest

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The very FIRST guy I killed ( some grunt) dropped a Plasma Coil