Arms Race - legendary items drop rate nerfed on non-mayhem levels?

I’m trying to run up a L20-something Plasma Coil, I’ve been up to the chest at least 20x’s now, not a single drop. In that time, I’ve had maybe eight total legendary drops and only 2 legendaries in that chest.

Seems like the drop rates were also nerfed in Mayhem mode, a month ago legendaries were dropping like flies in Arms Race.

Am I just having really consistently terrible luck or has anyone else noticed a change?

World Drop rates were severely nerfed across the board when the Director’s Cut was released due to the Annointment Reroll machine.

Yeah - I’ve actually already commented on the world drop rates myself, but this seems recent for arms race, like within the past 1-2 weeks. I’ve been running arms race pretty consistently since Director’s Cut came out, legendaries in arms race seem much more scarce now than they did for the first 6 weeks after release

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After many runs with very few chest drops over the last couple weeks I got the same vibe as you. Appears something changed with AR drop rates for chest specific items.

Must have hit the Dark Army chest 20+ times and got zero lego drops from it. I mean zero! May be just RNG kicking my arse but would love to know if it changed.

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Finally got a Plasma Coil from that chest, I went from L24 to L28 before it dropped, and that was just from killing mobs up the chest and resetting

I’ve found arms race to be less generous since they added the gear that dropped at the same time as DLC6. It also seems a touch harder, but that could be the drops, and probably my regular builds getting OP outside of arms race affecting my skill level.

Arms race legendaries ( and… World drops too) carried my phasecast Amara from lv 17 to lv 50ish. Ive been in runs where the only drop was a Res from Arker, but from others runs I got a lv 17 coil and a lv 35 coil. The lv 35 was able to destroy Tyreen lv 53 in a blink of an eye

I have killed tyreen with a lvl 13 tizzy.

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Use the Butt Stallion’s milk from Tannis’ lab. It does help increase legendary drop rates.

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