Arms Race lets us start with a unique weapon, is that intended?

I played a game of Arms Race and got wrecked. Turned off the game to go eat.

Booted up to play more and now I see I have Black Flame in my Arms Race Inventory.

I mean, F*** YEAH TORGUE!!!, but this probably isn’t intended right?

And yes, I had a Black Flame in my Regular Inventory, I never returned it because F*** YEAH TORGUE WOOOOOO!!!

My concern is that if I fail in this Arms Race session it’s going to disappear from my Regular Inventory.

UPDATE: I got massacred, but I still have the weapon in my Arms Race Inventory. Time for MORE EXPLOSIONS!?!?!


How…odd. Oh well. Gotta make Torgue proud whenever you can.

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Looks like Quest Items are available during Arms Race. Do you have Witch’s Brew quest active on that character? You can try other quest items.


It also works with the Seventh Sense from the Guns, Love and Tentacles (DLC 2) mission Cold Case: Restless Memories.

For me the steps were:

  1. Put the Quest Item in the Inventory
  2. Go to Stormblind Complex
  3. Save and Quit
  4. Load save
  5. Quest Item is equipped

No guarantee!

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