Arms race mode - your predictions

So, it’s been announced that the new mode being sold in DLC 5 is called “Arms Race”, and that it’s a standalone mode in an isolated map, which is supposed to make use of more guns and make more of them feel valid.
What do you think is coming?

  • Like a circle of slaughter, but only using guns that drop (or similar)
  • Like a takedown, but only using guns that drop (or similar)
  • Like a Battle Royale but against AI enemies
  • Like a Battle Royale but max 4 players
  • Like the BL2 mission Arms Race, a timed mission that takes you around a map performing objectives
  • Something completely different

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And how do you think it will go?

  • It’s gonna be crap, like mayhem 2.0
  • It’s gonna be crap, in a new and interested way
  • It’s gonna be overhyped but OK
  • It’s gonna be good

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And what predictions do you have?

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I have a feeling I’ll never touch it, or try it once and bail. Randy said it’s not really for the players that are really into narrative experiences, and will hopefully catch the eye of people who play call of duty, which sounds very much like some online only mode, and I do not play online. Sounds more like them trying to make borderlands something it’s not, instead of giving the community what they want.



Ever play the horde mode in the 2010 Aliens vs. Predator game? :dukeballs:


God please horde mode. I just want to slaughter enemies with no real goal. I love the slaughters but it misses the endlessness of enemies getting stronger and stronger and stronger. plus if they said something about the guns u pick up have meaning it sounds like it would have a twist. But i dont want to get hyped.


I’m wondering how the gear will effect the regular story. We know the new class mods will be in there, so what else and will everything be transferrable?

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I’m sort of kidding with the horde mode request - would seriously like it, but don’t actually think this is what GBX has in mind here. I have no idea what it might be from the scant descriptions, so I’m going with (switches to Torgue voice) HORDE MODE!

The slaughters do scratch this itch though - few things I like more than seeing a minimap covered in red from high enemy counts.


From what I infer from their vague talk and the mode name I imagine a competitive mode where you have to rack a maximum of mob kills but only with picked up guns. And you will have twists like get x pistols kills or x smg kills or a particular set of rules (only purple , only ar stuff like that). Of course that can only mean it is going to be completely different :rofl:


My prediction: I’m not paying for it


Just for fun, I’ll guess it’s going to be a sort of boss rush mode. Fight through increasingly powerful bosses and adds to get better and better loot drops (ie the titular arms race).

In any case if it’s not a narrative thing it’s probably not something I’d play a lot, so unless it comes in a bigger Season 2 pass with headhunter DLCs or something I’ll either skip it or wait for a good sale.


I don’t know. Sounds like a mix between Call of Duty and Fortnight. From what I’ve read it scream NOT FOR ME!
Definitely not what I was hoping for. :expressionless:
Oh well. I’ll live. If it can bring new customers and not mess even more with the game difficulties. :man_shrugging: I imagine it’s a good thing.


I mean is the current bl3 for people who want a narrative experience. It’s like one of the worst aspects of bl3.

Anyways I thinks its gonna be some new kinda crap that alot of fans might not be interested in. I hope I’m wrong but it’ll also be fun to see the storm that gonna happen if its as bad as I think its gonna be. It feels good to not be financially invested anymore.


It’s going to be a deadly obstacle course where we wade through an enormous pile of weapons - so literally an ‘arms race’.

If you can make it to other end without sinking to your doom in all the Woodblockers and Fire Muskets like quicksand, then you fight a huge Tediore land crab version of Typhon DeLeon’s gun gun, which shoots a constant stream of weapons at you.

If you can defeat the Tediore boss before the rising pile of green and white weapons crushes you against the ceiling, then you win. You get to open a chest with a +15% chance of dropping a Pepperoni Dream echo skin.


I too am worried by the CoD reference and fear that it might be PvP only. But this statement about not being a narrative experience is a totally acceptable - in fact almost mandatory - one to me.

A lot existing BL3 content isn’t narrative based: slaughters, proving grounds, many crew challenges, Maliwan Takedown. And surely most players would agree that at this point we need more content along those lines than we do another 8 hour story-based DLC.

I suspect Randy just means that we shouldn’t expect another Krieg’s Fustercluck or Handsome Jackpot. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve gone in some radically unprecedented direction.

I personally hope that this won’t just be new content like a Takedown, but something that layers over the top of the base game too. Perhaps more like the Cartel event, where new things happen within the main game (cartel spawns) that carry over into special new area (the mansion). Though more comprehensive than that.


Randy said it would appeal to COD players and people who like Battle Royales. So it’ll be trash. From that description alone I’m sure I’d like a whole hand prostate exam from Shaquille O’Neil more than the new mode.


What I think they meant:

cod and battle royale players interested: the new mode is pvp competition of some kind, I think there will be no surprise here.

guns variety meaningful: here things are going to be very wrong because they have a completely twisted idea of their own game :rofl:

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In videogames, when tje devs want you to struggle and try new or other things, they often use the “player gets caught and loses all gear” way.
They’ll probably drop you in an area with just a pistol and you have to get through areas with an increasing amount of enemies, using whatever drops.
That has a certain battle royal taste for sure.
I don’t know what should cater to the cod crowd, though. Ladder? Airstrikes? Wallrunning? Divejumps?

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I won’t be surprised if it’s some sort of PvP mode, but if it is it gets a hard pass from me. As would any mode that forces multiplayer with randos. Or any mode that’s specifically for challenge seekers.


that is a solid 5/7 prediction

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In traditional sense, “Arms Race” requires at least 2 factions to function. In Counter-Strike (as you remember) player gets a new gun every frag he/she gets - the mode is called Gungame or (arms race in CSGO). I would not be surprised if the upcoming mode would include PVE race between player getting better gear and mobs spawning in with better weapons and in higher count.

Also, Risk of Rain (2) did this already.

Not expecting much, but will definitely check out gameplay reveal.


Aren’t there bazillionz of gunz, that are equal to dlc3 & mh 6 gunz ? :rofl:

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