Arms race - now that it’s out

Let’s discuss. I beat it twice and extracted about 5 legendaries or more. Good times.

One thing I think that might not be obvious : you can fight the boss at any time, even if it looks like it might be outside the safe zone of the murdercane.

I’m about to try it. I went to experiment with the 4th skill tree first on Moze. So far the 4th skill tree is ok but will still need some time to experiment.

First try I went to the boss immediately at M11. I killed him but I apparently self-killed myself and didn’t get counted.

Second try, I went to the boss again. Killed him. I got a Holy Grail and Mad Cap.

On my first attempt, fell down to the boss straight away.

No gear.

No way of obtaining any gear.

Didn’t end well.


Did you open the chest right before the first drop?

Edit: I’d be surprised if you beat the boss without gear. I guess that would be a good challenge. Anyone wanna take this challenge? Beat the boss at M11 without gear.

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I only got to play for about 15min before work this morning.

I killed my way to the first loot area and opened the two red chests. I used a blue rarity Dahl Sniper with 5rnd burst, Purple Vladof pistol with shock and a legendary Torgue launcher that shot corrosive blobs.

Went and fought the boss to finish it up
I used the Vladof to take of shields, launcher for the armor and sniper for the health bar.

It wasn’t too bad. I got one of the new shields out of the deal. (Gas Mask).

Can’t wait to get online and farm for some of the new legendary gear

How do you res a teammate who has died?

Interesting thing for me is that you can extract any weapon. Cutsman dropped from Spiderant Queen (?) and it had one of new anointments so I extracted it.

It was the only corrosive weapon I got, so 2nd Boss phase was a bit of a chore…

Anyway, mode is interesting but I am not sure if there is enough variety to last more that 5 runs without getting boring. :-/

I’ve gone through a few times with Amara and Zane. Too early to tell, but I’d say I enjoyed it. Whether it sticks over the long run I’ve yet to say.

I hate it.


Having played it for a few hours, there’s just too much RNG, you can get some decent weapons and faceroll or spend ages shooting at red bars. It was pretty fun at first but after getting bad weapons that could barely even damage normal enemies several runs in a row, and then killing the boss in another run but getting downed by a dot I don’t think I’m ever touching it again. And with the added new 14 weapon annoints, good luck getting exactly what you need. Pretty questionable that they hid a 40k damage SMG behind this as well, considering its paid.


Love it so much. It makes you interested in all gear again. Only played solo so far but this may get me to play some co-op. So cool.


Judging from what others have said, it seems that the lack of viable weapons is on full display in this game mode.

The scale shouldn’t have a dropoff that deep (from faceroll to barely killing red-bars).

While I don’t disagree with this at all

First hand experience is better than relying on what others say


playing with a group makes it super easy, barely an inconvenience

Playing solo seems to make it more fun and a challenge if you don’t get the right guns. (tediore)

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Arms race is super fun and a nice change up to grinding weapons. It really is just borderlands but with an excuse to try other classes if weapons. It can also be a bit challenging at times. It is a really nice balance.


My first run had a WTF shield and a Spark Plug relic… possible to do it without guns, I think, though it would take a while.

Please stop playing m11 and typing thats the mayhem set - there were complaints about “time to farm x” and now there is running m11 with half rate drops, increasing the time it takes to sift stats from the loot table.

Talk about counterproductive/just for the sake of it even tho it isn’t logical.

Only world drops were affected afaik. Dedicated drops should be unchanged

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I couldn’t resist and I bought it.

I’ve only played a few matches but I’ve enjoyed them. I also think it is somewhat half baked but still really enjoyable. It’s pretty fun but is just a new way to farm the new weapons. (Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing.)

If they would have given us points for killing the enemies/mini-bosses/airdrops etc or something along those lines I’d say it would be a repeatable mode on par with cod zombies.

Tldr: it’s really fun but could be better. Also it’s not as easy as I thought it looked.

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