Arms race - now that it’s out

I mean, I’ve seen the footage. I think I’ll err on the side of caution. It’s not like I can just request a refund if it doesn’t work out, right?

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Played some last night and cleared it 2 out of 3 times, got trapped in the Murdercane while locked in a chest area. White/green maliwan pistols destroy, tediores are good too (playing on Mayhem 11). Idk I liked it more than I expected and it is better balanced than the base game tbh

Also for anyone reading make sure to get a 25% bonus damage on grenade thrown for the boss fight from the vending machines , makes life a lot easier


What happens if the Murdercane catches you? Like to you insta-die, is there a warning, does it slowly eat your shield/health, something else?

It slowly eats through your shield at about 600-700 dps then eats through your health at roughly the same speed. Well that was a rough guess I just tried lol.

And it’s hard to see.

Yea, they could definitely build on it and add quite a bit here, but it really is quite fun and makes farming for gear 100x more interesting than just save quitting over and over again.

I love that when you get a legendary to drop its a big deal. I got a Nemesis to drop earlier and I’ve never touched that gun on m10 but it shreds here. Definitely changes things up.

I think they’ll be adding more, since in the tutorial it said ‘you’re playing gear up mode’ which leads me to believe more modes will come eventually


Definitely an excellent feeling!

I really hope so!

Yeah, RNG can be a a-hole sometimes. I did 15 runs so far and sometimes I just do not get anything good - whites only. Sometimes only same type weapons drop and I do no receive enough ammo from sources.

For now, every successful run for me starts with completing underground spiderant arena to easily gear up.

I don’t beleive that I’ve seen everything that the mode can offer just yet :slight_smile:

Edit: slightly offtopic, but when Murdercane gets very small pair of anointed militant rehashes will spawn who are pretty bullet spongy but drop legendaries :slight_smile:

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Where is this? Like just outside of the drop tube to the boss?

So tedius to try and get new stuff, then you die and son’t get it. Awful.

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Yes! I was shopping before dropping to meet the boss when I heard someone say “stealthy” and “going invisible”. I went from vendors up the flight of stairs and saw these two asset reuses.

Oh, and there was some screen effect before that. Like I was marked or something…

So I guess, to maximise rolls per run, it might be useful to wait till these two show up…

Neat… will keep an eye out for them the next time I’m in there.

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I agree. i do not want to play fortnite type game in BL. sadly, i bought the package not knowing better.

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bunch other guns work just fine maliwan lasers torgue stickies atlas and dahl own

Not that they gave you much info to start with :wink:

Classic GBX overhype…

For me it sounded boring AF, after watching the streamers play it also looked boring AF

And the skilltrees never seemed important to me so for me the DLC would have been actually worth something… But said this before…

Maliwan takedown was worth the money if they charged for it… This DLC isn’t even worth it for me if it was free…


Arms Race is terrible. It’s the worst thing Gear Box has ever done. They basically “Frankensteined” a bunch of popular elements of different games and then tried to retro fit it into the game to make some cash.

There are so many bad ideas and so much wrong with this game, I’m really surprised Gear Box produced it.

It has absolutely no synergy with the game most Vault Hunters have experienced the past year.

Murdercane, the boss fight, extractors, having no skills, uniformity amongst all vault hunters, being dependent on base gear, these are just terrible ideas in theory, and worse in practice.

With the “meh” Krieg DLC and now the atrocious Arms Race I think this game is near it’s end.

It’s clear with Arms Race that Gear Box has no ideas or interest in developing good, original content.

And this abomination certainly doesn’t bode well for “Director’s Cut.”


I’m glad you like it. Personally, I hate it.

Honestly though, after playing BL3 for a year, I don’t understand how most Vault Hunters could like a game mode that is totally
anti-thetical to everything they’ve been conditioned to enjoy. For example:

-Murdercane- playing the game on a timer and being limited in your exploration of a map.

-Losing your skills and weapons- Isn’t the point of being a vault Hunter is to feel powerful.

-Making the vault hunters identical

-Risk of losing your loot with extractor system and Murdercane.

-Being locked out from content you’ve paid for. You can’t use your new skills or weapons in this game mode. If that isn’t a huge Red Flag, I don’t know what is. I also don’t find that very fun.

Overall, I’d give Arms Race a “2” on a scale of 1-10, and that’s being kind. The reality is this game mode is just being forced into a game where it doesn’t belong.

That’s why so many people hate it, despite the great new loot, which you’re going to lose or not be able to use, way more often than keep.


I’m sorry you feel that way about the game. I enjoy all those things but don’t get me wrong, I do think the game mode could be improved.

But I enjoy battle royales so there’s that.

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That’s good my friend. I’m glad people are enjoying it. I’m not a fan at all, but to each their own. I’m glad it’s not a complete wash for the community and some people find it fun.:+1:

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It’s fun. Can get bit annoying if you get unlucky with guns or Murdercane placement if you are going for specific chest.

Enjoying it right now, but I think it will get boring after while because there is not that much variety. I found myself doing same patterns pretty quick. Could use some random events or objectives for specific legendary for example.

Found it. On map you can see a res station to revive fully dead teammates.