Arms race only good 10% of the time

About one in ten runs are any good at all. The rest are just random crap. Bad guns, insane spawns, too many chests spawn ALL WHITE GEAR, the stupid murdercane. I can’t see playing this very long. The novelty of trying every gun you find is not offsetting the fact that most of the time you make zero progress towards anything…


It’s pretty clear with Arms Race, that the Gear Box Designers don’t understand why people play Borderlands. This is the most anti-Borderlands Game Mode I’ve experienced.


Another Arms Race thread but I’ll bite the bullet anyway.

If you mean 10% of the time you get legendary drops, it’s probably true but it’s all RNG.

I agree with the novelty thing but I’m sure some players disagree. Just wait for them to respond :grinning:

Sex Panther has better percentages.

i actualy see what they tried to do with arms race :wink:

bring normal guns back into play, but they pretty much failed imho…

anything but legendary is still useless outside arms race…

also, anointments realy don’t help that particular problem… they make legendaries even more powerfull compared to let’s say purple rarity… and there soooooo many legendaries (and easy to find even when not actualy farming for them) that they further push people away towards legendaries…

and an other problem is… find a tedior and arms race loses all meaning…

i didn’t get the DLC because 1) the above stated problems and i’ll probably just farm the legendaries and never bother with the mode again… 2) i’ll probably never even use the new skilltrees (hell, i haven’t even botherd with moze at all after leveling wich i actualy just skipped through using OP weapons, Fl4k and amara i played around with a bit more but still didn’t bother making an actual build…)


It’s just too easy to be killed by random junk, or mulitple AOE Badasses spawns, which in itself is fine, but the idea that many good runs that take time and effort, simply get lost because of random game mechanics is just too low a rate of return for me to be willing to waste much more time on it. I already have multiple versions of all the legendaries at M10, would have liked to get a few more Dark Armys but that chest is especially unrewarding for solo players so I think I am done. Three and a half days… gonna be more careful with my $$ on any future add-on content for this game…


I got this today btw

And this the other day. Perfect for my already OP IB build lol

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You nailed it. I really want to like Arms Race, but there are so many reasons not to like it. There’s so much that could’ve been done with this, but instead you’re just dropped into this spot in Pandora to find loot boxes and pray you get something good. Is there even a backstory? Maybe I missed it.

So Axton and Salvador need cash, so they created this half-assed Survival game where you go fight this Space Teamster in an electrified Gerbil Ball in a racquetball court.

You’re guaranteed one new legendary but it’s the same one 95% of the time. Oh and watch out for “The Murdercane,” which I guess is a Hurricane on Meth since it’s thousands of miles from a Tropical Environment.

That’s the mode.

My biggest problem is that this is so beneath my Borderlands experience for the past six years.
Arms Race is just so flat, it’s not immersive or imaginative at all and fun maybe 2% of the time if you have great luck.

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welcome to being the lab rat for them thats all i can say, hopefully they listen more now now then ignore and smell cash they grab off people.

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Gotta wonder how they convinced the bad guys to work for them. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Blue-g[un] Money.

This statement can apply to about 95% of the decisions they make with this game.


I get that not everything is for everyone, but borderlands: the roguelike is the most fun I’ve had with this game. I’m cool to get the new drops eventually, and might even build around some of the because i love building, but I’ve hardly touched the base game or any other game since this came out. Just running the arms race is an end to itself for me, and getting some tizzys to play with later is just gravy.

I just want like 5 more maps of this, maybe some crossplay, and 90% less spiderants and I’m good for a long time


Must be why I am liking it so much :P.

But in all seriousness, what else are you going to play in Bl3 ??

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I read this topic and jinxed my game. Yesterday, I was 7-3 solo and about half and half with a friend. Only a few good drops in all of that.

Today, I’m 1-7… Starting guns are crap and the spawns aren’t in my favor. It’s almost like an algorithm decided I was liking it too much.

Edit: and there’s another one… tried running through the first spawn on the way to Tizzy and there were 6 dogs, including 2 null hounds, and a heavy. I didn’t stand a chance.

I liked this mode last week. Now, I wish the circle started bigger and with more time so we had a chance to go for the chest we want at first.