Arms race... or arms Beta


I think that’s what we all bought last year.


i would not be suprised if this thing had some gamebreaking bug that they wont fix for a week or so


I wouldn’t say it diminishes my opinion being that I choose not to play a game at risk of “bricking” my console because I think we can all agree that a game that completely powers off a console can not be good for it. As for the matchmaking, in the past few months has it been addressed and running better or is it still a click and hope for the best, basically what I am asking is it better than the match making abilities in BL2?

As for whether or not that my issues are 100 reproduceable on all XB1X, I can not make that assumption, however with that said there are more than enough threads and comments from other owners that have the same problem as I do, particularly with the XB1X, I just tend to be more vocal about it. I do know for a fact that this is the only game that causes this problem on my console, be it locking up the console or completely shutting it down.

I have went through the trouble ticket system through 2k and they can replicate the issue and are aware of it. Yeah, I know something we have heard many times here, hence the sarcasm when we see it. As of this writing all I know is what I was told and that is the issue is being handled by the developers. I even offered up my console to be looked at by 2k/GBX or attempt to join a game on their end to see if they could see something I couldn’t but they chose not too.


Arms Race is a fancy name for their version of BATTLE ROYALE Which if I recall them saying They’d never add a BR to Borderlands 3!

…Kinda went back on their word there…
If you watched the gameplay of Arms Race it has the Battle Royale tools implemented just a PvE version of it.

  1. You get dropped into the battlefield
  2. You drop with no weapons
  3. You need to grab whatever weapons you can find
  4. Stay alive and keep your team alive.
  5. You have a freaking Ring of Death that closes in every so often

defiantly has the Battle Royale elements in it…

I don’t really plan on getting the second season pass unless it has something worthwhile
All it is offering as far as I can tell is the new game mode and skills tree, Once they begin more story expansions in it then I’ll get it, otherwise not worth it to me…

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Watching an Arm’s race playthrough, I’ll give it this it does look fun… But there is a huge glaring issue with the dependency of the fun… Multiplayer.
With a large issue with match making in this game, as well as there are many who have(and always will) play this game solo. This game mode could be quite a let down unless they do something to improve match making.
Also this is a game mode that you need to start with other players, not allow random joins in the middle so:
Will their be queues waiting for other players? How well does this game mode solo?
How do you not allow any skills in a game about skills. They could have made mini skill trees that level just inside the game mode… (Otherwise it’s a cartoon COD)
How do you have gear dropping that has no point in the game mode (class mods)?

So many questions still… And it still feels like a beta test to see if 2k/Gbx wants to make a Battle Royale…


I think these are all valid questions and I hope the mode is successful enough for some of them to be implemented in future versions of the mode. I loved Battleborn so the idea of leveling up through the match would absolutely be fun.

Lazydata was playing solo just fine.

Was one of my fears but then again I still don’t see much value in the new dlc :worried:

Maybe for moze’s skilltree but I play Zane 95% of the time :sweat_smile:

From the recent stream, I think Arms Race is like a beta, but actually they used the word POC “proof of concept”. Usually POCs are less polished than “beta”.

So it’s not “beta”.


According to Moxsy, it’s harder to kill mobs with a white gun on a 4 player mode but when running solo, it’s way easier.

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