Arms Race: overpriced nonsense

£25 for an extra skill tree and a pretty meh map.

I’ve played about 15 minutes of arms race and I am thoroughly underwhelmed tbh.

Maybe it will grow on me. Maybe it is more fun in co-op. But this feels quite crap for the money.

Director’s cut better knock it out of the park for that money.


I know you’ll get a lot of comments like: you get what you paid for.
But honestly there was plenty of YouTube videos showing exactly what this was going to be and you decided to buy it so?


I don’t have it yet, but based on all gameplays I saw, it feels boring.
And I hate all the powercreep GBX is doing with every new content.


I am personally really hesitant to dish out the money for this. It basically looks like DLC5 is worth 1/4th of the price and I am not holding out hope that DLC 6 will make up the 3/4 that is worth the price.

Maybe I would be less hesitant if you could upgrade your Super Deluxe to Ultimate but that’s not a thing apparently.


yeah i seen the video’s of game play from popular borderland youtubers, they cant even make me like this game mode as looks so bland and boring…also royale mode again ai doesnt interest me much.


Yeah the map is pretty meh. The experience is actually similar to playing normal mode when you’ve just started a new character and claptrap is asking you to follow him. I’ve done that at least 20 times om VHs that I’ve completed the main story in console.

Except in Arms Race it’s less engaging because you got no sklls and action skills and you can immediately kill the boss. There is no challenge for those people looking for a challenge. If there’s any challenge, it’s probably an artificial one like kill mobs without using any gear lol.

Edit: I think the biggest surprise to me is the hotfix. It kinda made some surprising changes (good and bad).


im just glad the skins was free for me as i could get skins for free since i had season 1 pass, though im waiting on season 2 going on sale and hopeing future content is better as unlocking new tree’s alone isnt worth the £25.

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Fomo. And wanting the skill trees. Should have been around £15

I’m actually enjoying Arms Race. I don’t like that skills and action skills don’t matter - that is a missed opportunity - but I love that we have a mode where playing with blue and purple weapons can lead to rewards. A lot of those weapons and the differences between them are completely disregarded at the endgame. Also, getting a legendary - any legendary - feels good in this mode and accelerates the farm. (A blue cryo Host carried my last run until I got lucky and found a Gunerang to help me beat the boss).

I actually wish they add more settings to it (allegiance runs seem like they can be fun - can be spiced up by badasses that drop certain manufacturer loot or unique manufacturer chests).


im not getting it yet
farming for e-tech weapons on mayhem 11
the hotfix is enough for now :slight_smile:


Regarding price: this dlc doesn’t address most of my issues with the game so I won’t be buying atm, but designing, implementing, and testing the new skill trees must have been a lot of work, so I don’t personally feel the price is particularly excessive.

I swear matchmaking is an absolute nightmare IV only ever been matched with one other person.

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Maybe I’d enjoy it mor if there were more drops but they seem to be thin on the ground. Killed a couple of huge spiderants and only a shield dropped. Get an echo from a random, but tbh the best gun so far has been the white jakobs ar from the first chest.

Couldn’t see how to get through the green force field for a loot room. It’s not clear how to get to the boss.

Are you talking about the whole Season Pass 2 or only Designer’s Cut?

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The green forcefields disappear once you clear the corresponding area. Waves of enemies appear along with some badasses. I recommend finding some regular chests before tackling those loot rooms (some are doable with good white guns). There seem to be a lot of chests in the environment, but I’m just learning where to find them. Drops seemed okay (unless you were talking about legendaries?)

As for the boss, there is a “garage”-like area with a shaft that leads to him. Just circle the middle area and you’ll find the entry.

Also, run away from Spiderant Matriarchs and Emperors if you can. They’re too dangerous (imo) if you’re still looking for starting loot. Just kill weaker stuff.

I’m gonna grind the Gehenna out of it. Test its gear and rock ON!

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i will propably spam this every now and then

but hey ppl still buy it and dont wait a day for it. so yyou get less and less each time until you stop and wait


Unless the director’s cut is stellar, the whole season pass.

Not liking Arms Race at all. Without skills, it doesn’t feel like Borderlands. Just like the Takedowns don’t feel like Borderlands. There are too many things in this game that feel like they were made to appeal to people who didn’t play Borderlands 2. This game needs raid bosses, not ‘lose your powers’ crap. I hate that the new skill mods are locked behind the new mode, not to mention the new guns, but I also don’t like the new skill tree action skills very much. Zane’s new shoulder cannon whites out so much of the screen, it’s blinding, hate it. Can’t see what’s going on if I use it. So I won’t be using that at all.

I really wish they’d made a new vault hunter instead of adding new skill trees to the existing vault hunters. None of the new action skills seem very fun to me.

Also, having a ton of glitches with the new patch, like I can’t use Escape to exit menus, now. Tab sometimes gets me out of menues, and sometimes doesn’t… meaning I’m hammering keys to try and get back to the game. My brother had his Loot Chut vanish on him at one point. I really should’ve waited a couple of weeks before buying this, these things are always so broken on release.


The trick is to resist.

I’m a BL fanatic and the urge to buy any new content immediately is insistent.

However I’ve been burned by year 1 of BL3, the disaster of M2.0, the lethargic response to game balance and performance improvements and the overpriced tat that was the super deluxe version I preordered like a muppet.

I’ve now seen and heard what I can expect from ‘Arms Race’ and season pass 2 and I’m not impressed. At £25 for a new mode that takes away everything that makes BL more than a generic shooter I’d rather spend that money paying someone to slap me in the fun bags.

I will not buy it, I will resist. I will …

The only hope of making any impact on Gbxs vision of what people want from a BL game is to keep our money or spend it on the competition.

BL3 needs more actual CONTENT, not silly modes that are little more than a mayhem modifier that neuters your carefully constructed builds.

Edit - now seeing all the usual reports of horrendous bugs with the new ‘content’, despite the apparent pre release testing (should probably read free promotion) by the streamers. That’s good, it strengthens resolve.