Arms Race Really Needs More Weapons

I have heard lots of negatives but this game mode is a nice switch up to farming which is really all borderlands is about. I have heard lots of ideas for changes but I honestly feel that mostly all this game mode needs is more weapons that are only available in this mode! It truly is lots of fun! And although mabey a few skills would be nice, really, we just keep needing more of the unique guns to extract (yes i think they should keep the extract system). ALSO there should be more unique whites, blues, greens, and purples adding to the pool to keep the mode exciting!


i completely disagree nobody needs to have to spend more time into that generic shooter experience with 1 hour long reloads deprived of all kind of movment speed buffs


A Flood can win and net sic m10 lewt. Also I like the flood but never use it and ironically it melted foes in Arms Race at the same speed as me hitting Shaft with Legendary gears

The enemies die wonderfully is crimson ways. I saw facial expressions on rivals when Moze pulls the knife out, I saw heads piping and bodies twirling through the sky in pieces.

Also… Man can somebody get Moze’s new dialog, idle and calls its hilarious.

AR is good, addiction but yeah soon IMA need something else in there. Let’s say in 100 grinds time. Like gimme the cub in raw form just like this raw sprint lewt fest.

All up it feels more hardcore to me because loss means extraction loss. You can grind it, hell the handsome jackhammer shinned like a badass, you get to see base functions of gears. That smg won me a critical thug and a coil.


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Arms Race is terrible. Even the spawns are screwed up. I just spawned into the middle of a huge mob of Spiders and died a minute later trying to fight them off with my generic shield, bolt action sniper, and pistol that took a minute to reload.

Arms Race is just a Frankensteined concept mashed together from a bunch of different modes in popular games. It has no synergy with the rest of the game and feels pointless on solo M10.

Nothing about it makes any sense.

You have a deadly storm that blows around so you can’t explore the map.

The boss doesn’t make any sense. Some dude in a gigantic electric gerbil ball riding a space wolf in the smallest battle arena in the whole game?

Plus, you can’t use the new loot(which so far seems really good) or skills that come with the DLC in this mode?!

And you risk losing them if you don’t use extractors with a cap of five items? Try making a mode that people want to play instead of are forced to play Gear Box.
It’s a really hackneyed and just plain stupid concept.

I’ve played every Borderlands game. I’m a huge fan of the series. It’s easily my favorite franchise. BL3, overall, is really great IMO.

Arms Race though, is easily the worst thing Gear Box has ever done. Not only do I see it not attracting new players from “King of The Hill” type games, it also risks driving Vault Hunters to other games.

I’ll tell you one thing, I’m leery of “The Directors Cut.” now.

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I mean it is still borderlands gunplay and has good loot rewards. It has replayability. It certainly isn’t worse than slaughter modes or takedowns. All the points you mentioned are good and should be updates in the future but the potential is there. I also don’t think the ability to use the new weapons is good since they spawn at higher rates and so obtaining them and using them would make the game mode easier than it already is.

It is far far worse than slaughters or takedowns. Not even in the same league. It is generic and it matters not which vh you play it with so the experience is bland.

With slaughters and takedowns you get a different experience depending upon which vh you use.

I have no problem with the mode itself being available as is - a lot of people seem to like it although it’s not for me. Feel the same about the guardian takedown, it’s about as much fun as dental work to me but I wouldn’t remove it for others.

I have a problem with (as usual) the slew of bugs it has introduced into the whole game and that it not only includes gear locked behind that content (the new guns) but it pollutes the world drop loot pool for anointments for people who haven’t even bought it!

If GBX are trying to sell me this new content then not allowing me to use the new skill trees in the new content is baffling.

The answer may just be more choice on how to play arms race - I don’t see why it can’t work more like the mutator arena from TPS? Let me choose if I want to go in with or without guns or skills and adjust the difficulty accordingly.

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