Arms race scaling

if arms race showed us anything is

  1. gearbox can create a sensible scaling from whites to legendaries
  2. anointments are absolutely not needed

a dream- can we actually have this scaling in the actual game? like when good purple gear kills stuff and where legendaries are not times and times better than those?


Keep dreaming unfortunately.

i am a big time dreamer otherwise i would not happily buy two season passes :d


Correction, they can create sensible scaling without action skills and skill trees, hence why they aren’t in Arms Race in any regard.

Imgine if they were though. They could of done something that would make the mode stand out as a unique Borderlands experience. Like being able to find a special chest that unlocks access to one random action skill and augment in your skill tree per playthrough. So for exmaple in one playthough as Moze you only have access to the Minigun and the cyro augment for it. Then next time you play and find the chest again, you can only use the bear fists with the wild swing augment.


This game has far too many legendaries, and the inclusion of anointments has caused too many issues as well. Honestly, I wish they would get rid of anoints and Mayhem scaled weapons all together, make Mayhem Mode a modifiers only thing, and create extra difficulty by adding to the already existing Easy and Normal difficulty settings. Easy, Normal, Hard and Very Hard (Ultimate or Inferno)

That would be a cool addition (or even unlocking Mayhem from the start once you beat the game once) - may be it will be added in Director’s cut?

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That would be nice.

My issue was they attached end game difficulty increases to Mayhem Levels, and then added mayhem scaled weapons. That means you have to collect gear for EVERY level of mayhem you want to play. Thats really frustrating.

Said this from the get-go…

Yet here we are…

Outside leveling characters to lvl 50 I never used anything but legendary items… Because like you said they are just better in every way (not taking into account the special effects)

Normal guns should still be viable even in end game
white guns could do insane damage but have no other upsides (poor handeling/weak scope and so on)
Same for green and blue and purple should do as much raw damage as legendary weapons…

Legendary guns should reward gunplay, not just have OP damage

I remember playing BL2 OP8 with only 2 legendary weapons…

BL3 inflated legendary weapons far to much…