Arms Race suggestion

Nothing is more frustrating than taking down the boss and getting a couple of legendaries that could have been used but are not AR unique. Boy I could have used that 15 minutes ago.
The suggestion is to give out something unique that can be used by the end of the first murdercane move (based on taking down bad guys or getting to a chest). Risk/Reward.
The randomness is out of hand.
By something unique, something that is a situational weapon. When playing in teams, each person could have a role (based on elementals). So give out one of each. We trade or give legendaries to others to balance the team.
AR has grown on me, I don’t like Revelants but I can deal with them most of the time (especially if I have left the critters alone).
Still the whole point of using interesting non-legendaries and appreciating them is not being fully realized.
Too much randomness is a cop-out for actual game design.

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I don’t know feels like each time i did get a legendary that was useable early on , the run was too easy . It’s already plenty easy the moment you get a good maliwan pistol or tediore weapon . That’s m10 . Then i also enjoy getting the non ar drops at any point , since its just more items you can farm in the same spot .

But i have a suggestion for loot in AR that might help your case and mine … you know the door to drop items into space on sanctuary ? Up the drop rate of last thrown item in the next AR (let’s say i want to farm a hellshock in AR , i throw 1 before each run to have it drop at least once during the run(last boss if you don’t kill enough badass).

Simple thing to add spice and less rng , you basically get your item back once , maybe more , all with different rolls/annointement.