Arms Race: tips and tricks

Good thoughts, but I’ve found loot from badasses and tougher enemies to be hit or miss, much like the red chests. It’s one of the many frustrating parts of the mode.

There absolutely is some relation between time elapsed/proximity of the murdercane and drop quality. I’ve found too many white filled red chests in the beginning and found too many legendaries from Badasses after the’cane shrinked twice or three times to be a coincidence.


There definitely is. When you do the no murdercane glitch, all you’ll find is white rarity in most all chests with the occasional extraction only leggo.

I found a green class mod with a point in Redistribution; its fair to say the skill points dont do anything, but the passives are still useful

Thanks for the map. That is the best thing to help with Arms Race.

My advice, such as it is:

1 - Don’t stand still. Run and gun is your friend. Sitting still is a sitting duck.
2 - Always open ammo lockers.
3 - Always pick up gear even if you don’t plan on using it. Sell it the vending machine and get better gear.
4 - Don’t be greedy on covering the map. Hit one or two spots then head to the boss.
5 - When taking on grunts, don’t always go for the kill. Whittle down the grunts to low health and then ignore them as much as possible.
6 - Exception to the above are the war dogs. Kill those annoying things as soon as possible.
7 - Now target the boss as much as possible. Only target the grunts for second wind.
8 - Tediore weapons are your friend. It doesn’t matter the color. A white Tediore can be used to take down anything in Arms Race, including the boss. Look for those that have homing modules as those should have priority. I’ve used a Sureshot (think it was a Sureshot++) a few times in Arms Race and it has shown itself to be one of the best guns to use in Arms Race.
9 - I like the Atlas grenades for use in the boss fight. Just chuck the grenade while running and it does the rest. I know grenades don’t do the most damage, but any damage is good and I don’t have to target using Atlas grenades.


Having revenants drop into the boss fight is not fun (true story). They are as bad, or worse, than the war dogs. Terminate with extreme prejudice. I will say Tediore chucking has shown itself to be the best way to take them down.


Yep, the only machines I shop are right before I drop in for the boss fight. All the other vending machines I use just for ammo refills.

That area just outside of the boss is the best place to take on the revenants since it’s empty of other enemies. You can run from them until you get there.


I kited a couple down there to see what it was like… was a little hairy, but I pulled it off. I wouldn’t do it again.

My consecutive hits Tizzy and Bogeyman come from Marcus vending machines, ALWAYS check those :grin:


Definitely. I learned the hard way, early in arms race, that they can drop down into the boss fight. Big bummer.

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from my experience Dahl pistols/AR/SR are also great weapons, better than their smgs actually. In fact for me, Dahl pistols and ARs has worked better than Vladof and Jakobs variants. Without skills points and guardian ranks, it’s just a lot easier to chain crits with Dahl weapons due to their low recoil.
CoV pistols and ARs are surprisingly good too, the large mag size and overheating mechanism works really well in arms race


My theory was that the more loot you have grabbed, the better loot that will drop. Or that the more things you open or kill, the better the loot you find. Not sure.

I hate those guys. They’ve ruined every run that they appear in.

I’ve read that there is a glitch that prevents murdercane from existing…and that gear is crap if you use that glitch (almost all, or all, white quality). I don’t know if proximity to it matters, but it sounds like, from what I’ve read, that its existence and maybe size or time (and maybe proximity) does.

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The smaller the Murdercane gets, the better the loot is. My guess is the loot quality gets bumped up each time the murdercane moves. I haven’t noticed a difference whether I’m close to the edge or not.

Edit: Of course I could be entirely wrong. Just going off of what I’ve experienced and heard from others.


I just experienced a bug in the Boss fight where I was hit with Cryo the whole fight. Also starting the Arms Race, excluding my initial two weapons, my first eight pieces of loot were shields.

Why do we start something called “Arms Race” with two shields. It’s redundant shows a lack of detail and care on the part of Gearbox.
Also wondering why we need money to drop in the Boss Fight? This is one of the subtle nuances in the game mode that shows it wasn’t well thought out in production, and contributes to it being a marginal experience the majority of the time.

I appreciate criticism but man, cut them some slack… Programming a single enemy to be the only entity in the game to specifically NOT drop money would be pretty superfluous…

Also we get two shields at the start to have an option on defense, you could find one with faster recharge and less capacity or the opposite…


I like the choice between two shields. I prefer lower recharge delays so I always pick that one. Unless there’s a good anointment to consider.

Maybe cash you earn during arms race is also extracted?

Some tips for the boss fight:

  1. Try to keep the boss in mind when gearing up.

  2. I think his shield phase blocks crits so focus on explosives (rockets and grenades preferably of the shocking or rad variety) to burn this phase down as quickly as possible.

  3. Corrosive/Cryo weapons that crit hard will shred his armor phase. The boss is much more mobile during his first two phases so you will want to end these fast. Crits are easiest to land during the armor phase.

  4. Pay close attention to the random mobs that spawn during the fight. Focus down any enemy that has both a shield and a gun and watch for a health pickup. Save the health for when you fall below 50% if you can avoid it.
    Enemies without shields can be damaged down to 15-20% hp for easy second winds.
    Melee psychos can be largly ignored if you keep moving around the arena.

  5. Any shield that drops health boosters will be amazing throughout the entire run as will healing grenades. The ammo crates around the boss arena will sometimes have health pickups usually when you are low on HP. Open them only when you get desperate.

  6. Do NOT blow yourself up with a Tediore reload after the last enemy has been killed and don’t forget to extract your gear!

Bonus Tip: I believe I have seen random big chests appear in unmarked locations around the map. Keep your eyes peeled.