Arms Race: tips and tricks

I’ve played and beaten Arms Race a number of times, now (and died a LOT in the process). The first couple of times, I was unaware of where the starting chest was, and got insta-killed by the baddies. That’s why you’re spawned near a chest with (usually) 2 white guns and 2 white shields. To give you a fighting chance to kill and loot.

Another quick tip for the boss is singularity grenades are your friends for his first two phases. Even white ones are good. They will temporarily derp him out and make him spin around when he is riding the hound.

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Am I the only idiot who can’t figure out how to get past the green forcefields around the loot rooms? Did I miss an explanation somewhere? Google has disappointed me as well.

Green forcefields disappear as soon as the arena they are in is completed by killing the last wave of Badasses that spawns.
One arena has to be activated by turning a valve, the others should start automatically.

I’ve tried running around the area of 3 different caches and I can’t find any valve or any arena. I’ve killed all enemies in the area and the forcefield is still in effect :frowning:

That’s weird… Got any video?

No video, sorry. Is the one with the valve the res loot room? I’ve tried this one and the one nearby 3 times now and I can’t find any way to start it. The valve down in the put does nothing.

Yes it’s that one