Arms Races is simply grind

There is nothing else there, been farming Dark Armys, drop rates for the dedicated chest suck, it’s just random, sometimes you die, sometimes you don’t. 100% luck and lots of gating mechanics designed to screw over successful runs. The first DLC was soooo good…


yeah i think until we see what director cut has to offer alot of people have moved onto better games now as loved bl1-bl2 and even presequel but bl3 is weakest link out of all bl games made i think so far as i been playing and grinding out gold on assasins creed origins for heka chests myself for cosmetics and upgrades as its more fun.


I haven’t played Arms Race in 2 weeks. While the loot is really good, there are so many negatives in this game mode that it really isn’t worth your time.

Overall it’s boring and unrewarding.

Hopefully, Gear Box will put on their thinking caps to improve this, I think it could be challenging and enjoyable, because they are capable of creating much better content than this. Arms Race is definitely the worst part of BL3, and a poor introduction for new players to the overall game, which is a blast IMO.


still only played it once for 15 minutes where I rage quit because i went into an underground arena and couldn’t find my way out and murdercane trapped me.

That was on the day of release.

I’m just here watching the forum die along with the player base, atleast until the directors cut.
Though honestly, I really am not holding out much hope for a directors cut. I mean, the only thing that would tickle my fancy is a no annointment mode along with being able to start a new character on mayhem 11.
Other than that, I’m chalking it up to a fallout 4. So much hype, but after the fact, left wanting something else.


I enjoyed it for a couple of days. I’ve dropped an acceptable version of each legendary and couldn’t find a reason to play it more. I don’t have the patience to grind for a perfect version of gear in the main game but at least there you can go around trying different gear and build, changing character to completely change approach to the game. This is lacking in arms race, it’s an end in itself…


Perfectly put.

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The sheer randomness of whether you succeed or not is infuriating. Having to farm maps just to get a chance for the drops you want is another supreme annoyance… This DLC was not worth the money.


This is why I didn’t buy it.

I DID try telling people, though.


The DLC definitely was not worth the money… kind of wish a refund was possible. Haven’t booted up the game in about three weeks and frankly have no desire to try the new skill trees or play Arms Race again :confused:

Damn you, impulse shopping.

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My plan to not purchase games or DLC until I see actual reviews and transparent feedback is paying off! Looks like I won’t be purchasing this unless it goes on steep sale or something.


Not seeing too much positive feedback on this one. Thinking it might of tanked for the most part hence why there isn’t much talk coming from GBX regarding it, I could be wrong though. I know I am glad I certainly didn’t buy it., fooled once already, not going to happen again regarding GBX products.

What I wanted in this Season Pass 2 was new playable characters! In BLC2 and Pre-sequel we got 2 new playable characters in their season pass 1 along with 4 DLC’s. BL3 we get 4 DLC’s in season 1 no new playable characters so I would of thought they would be added in to Season Pass 2 but I guess that is not going to happen. As for the fourth skill tree, no really helping at all kind of worthless. The Arms Race is a good idea as a re-playable DLC but it was not at all thought out. So unless GearBox decide to add new characters and more DL’s into Season Pass 2 I doubt I will continue to play BL3 which for me is a huge let down, I have absolutely loved Borderlands since the begning, I feel betrayed by Gearbox, their main flagship game they appear to be turning it into just a cash cow. What a shame, guess I will rethink getting that vault symbol tattoo’d on myself. :slight_smile:

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They aren’t ever going to add new VHs to BL3, only new skills/COMs to offer different playstyles

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The other “interesting” aspect of Arms Race is how effectively it reinforces the pointlessness of most failed runs. It’s almost like they want to drive players away from the game… Every time you fail a run because you got 6 AOE heavies spawned on you at the early part of the run and you got torgue weapons… or a bunch of the shield holding militants that just weave back and forth and have shields that cannot be damaged. SO FUN!

Gearbox stated right around release they will NEVER add new classes to BL3. Period.

Their plan was to add new trees which they talked about a little at release, but they justified by saying the 2 DLC classes in BL2 were the least played which I find as a garbage argument because the forums were full of people playing Krieg and he was 1 of the most popular VH’s.


Probably because like the current skilltrees… A lot of people allready moved on :sweat_smile:

Also I started playing BL2 when krieg and gaige where allready in the game :joy:

I allways feel like they’re just making excuses for no reason and fail making a believable excuse at that :smirk:

I’m not saying anything in Arms Race was really done “right”, but the mode is basically supposed to be a rogue-like. The loss of all progress, and need to start from scratch again is a defining feature of that type of gameplay.

It could’ve held attention longer if the mode were more fleshed out. It doesn’t feel like an entire DLC. What they really didn’t get right was randomizing the wrong aspects. Randomizing your start gear in this type of mode isn’t productive as a mechanic; restricting the beginning loadout to a few pre-selected sets would be. Most rogue-likes let you choose some aspects of your start.

Here my result and the one of my friend:

We done 30 runs of dark army chest:

me: 1 Dark army only in 30 run with 15% life steal

My friend: 2 Dark Army with crappy annoint to

30 run of dizzy:

Me: 3 dizzy all crap

my Friend: 5 dizzy but 1 with consecutive hit

a grind? a grind of wath?

need better reward in red chest, already a pain to do an when the red chest open and you see only white and green you just want to throw the controler on the wall…

Edit: and the f*cking vendor machine in the drop, get away with this crap, full of blue and crap gear…

The flaw in this being what you saw on a single forum means nothing to the data on sales and player choices that Gearbox and / or 2K were able to collect over the years. Think like a business. If something sells, they’ll make more of it. I don’t like that personally, but that’s exactly how it works a lot of the time.

Which makes Arms Race all the more interesting from a business decision. I wonder if they banked on the skill trees and the promise of the Director’s Cut to flesh it out. I bought it personally, just because I get a lot of time out of BL3, but that’s just my opinion and in no way representative.


I think that you think game devs are way better at business than they actually are. I agree with what you are saying as a general principle and that game devs SHOULD be much better at business - but my 35+ years of gaming experience (in particular the last 10 years) tells me something different. Namely, that game developers are really terrible at business. This is why game devs and publishers are constantly at odds. This also is why games get delayed 2, 3, 4 times - poor management. The business people (publishers) are terrible at the art and the “fun,” and the game devs are pretty bad at understanding the money part of the biz, and neither can hear the other.

This is not isolated to the games industry either. You see this in tons of different industries and segments. And I don’t claim to have any insider knowledge. This is just my opinion based upon owning and running a business for several decades, following the games industry news, and watching the choices the pubs and devs make.

GBX appears to be way better at the business side of things than most devs, and they are still pretty abysmal at it.