Arranging Gear Loadouts

I’m just asking how you guys set up your gear loadouts. Unless I’m mistaken, it looks like you can have 9 loadouts, which limits variety. I know there are threads asking for more slots, but for now I’m asking how you guys do this.

Do you just make 9 generic loadouts that could mostly cover each role, or do u choose your top characters and give them each a specific loadout.

Right now, I have a few for generic roles and a couple for my main character. But I have found I pretty much just end up using my increased move/sprint speed for my characters. I do mostly play melee characters so being able to close gaps and run away is very important to the characters I play.

I run generic budget meele, ranged, healer for capture and premium meele, ranged, healer for meltdown and incursion. They work out for most characters of the respective class but obviously not as good as custom fitted ones.
In addition I have one reserved for story and the two remaining ones are specifically for my mains.

I certainly hope they improve on the current situation. As you said it´s limiting. … veeeeeeery limiting actually. :expressionless: The “multiple loadouts for every single character” seems to be the best approach on that matter.