Arrow keys for left hand play

So just got the game on Steam. Fire it up and bind all my keys first thing as any left handed player must. Everything looks good and I jump in. Right away at the first fight I notice my reloads are stopping mid animation. I played a bit on a friends console so I know movement shouldn’t cancel reload. I look up the problem and find countless people saying it’s the emote keys, just rebind them. Problem is now you can not rebind them as of some patch not too long go. For some reason the bind options under social were removed (except the selfie cam). So here I am with no INI file to modify, no way to unbind the emote keys (because they double bind and don’t clear), and the only fix anyone seems to offer is 3rd party software which could be mistaken for a hack. What is a lefty to do?

I tried to submit a help ticket to 2k and have not heard back for a couple days. Any reason I shouldn’t just refund the game through Steam? Any thoughts?

Hi, I just installed this game this evening and immediately ran across this issue as someone who uses arrow keys for movement. I also found all the posts about remapping the emote keys, found the emote key options missing, and then with a little more digging, this post from you dated 7 hours ago. So I signed up to share my solution.

You can resolve this using HotKeyNet, with a script that intercepts the arrows keys and maps them back to WASD. ( The script is:

Good luck!

Okay so it seems this forum in all its web design wisdom is interpreting the arrow brackets in my post as HTML tags and not showing them.

So the script is as follows, but replace all the square brackets with arrow brackets.

[Label window local SendFocusWin]

[MovementHotkey Up]
[SendLabel window]
[Key W]

[MovementHotkey Down]
[SendLabel window]
[Key S]

[MovementHotkey Left]
[SendLabel window]
[Key A]

[MovementHotkey Right]
[SendLabel window]
[Key D]

Turns out this doesn’t work correctly when you hold CTRL (reload, for me).

New solution, AutoHotKey script:


Your method doesn’t work it just keeps doing emotes when I press arrow buttons

Same problem I’m about to refund it if i won’t find solution or potentical fix AutoHotkey doesn’t work it just makes your character to start doing emotes.

yes it does. the autohotkey script in my last post suppresses the arrow keys and presses WASD instead. You can test in Notepad.

Yeah, it works my apologies.


I try to use the “AutoHotKey” … without succes :frowning:

@ GearBox : thanks for patch :slight_smile: