Arrow Keys now used for Movement

Hi , I believe since the last patch my arrow keys are now used for looking in a direction so left looks left etc As I play left handed I have it bound to actions like throwing grenades , running etc.

The strange thing is that it looks in a direction an still triggers the actions as well :slight_smile: Is there somewhere where I can turn this off?

I read somewhere on the forums that BL3 allows you to double bind keys.

I’m normally a left hand using arrow keys for movement kind of guy and since launch I had an issue where moving in any left or right direction while reloading would cause the reload to glitch and repeat and repeat and repeat without actually reloading.

Stand still - reload all day.

I opened a ticket with GBX, submitted video of it, etc and they indicated this was a known issue.

Turns out that the emotes were by default bound to the same keys I was using and while most games won’t allow this BL3 but it doesn’t flag it for your attention.

Might be the same thing maybe…

@natekeegan i ve the same reload bug but i’m not found the double bind key in the options…
And another more strange when i shoot with the left click mouse, sudently my avatar stop shot or shoot one bullet, or i do multiple click to that shoot one time it’s very strange.
My mouse is ok in all other game. Also when i use my “power competence”, sometimes my avatar lunch his power et stop it before to complete it …

i haven’t see double bind for any keys i use or only for vehicule, i don’t understand

Edit : if i play with a controller no problem

If you look at your key bindings do you see any duplicates for the arrow keys?

yes i look yesterday and it’s the emote that setup with arrow key. So now it’s solve thank you.

I never got it fixed and I didn’t have it bound on the emotes. So I just created a Autohotkey script for it. Seems to work fine.