Arsonist Does a Nuzlocke and Probably Doenst Finish it: Part 8 (12/02)

cough, cough


Consider yourself reminded :wink:


Well uh… this feels mildly embarassing.

I was going to take the rest of the night to do some minor errands to clean up. I’d been talking with bill and realized… effectively the only dark types that are worth a damn that I can get access to before the Elite 4 are Cacturne and Wevile, which are a long… long ass ways off.

So I started thinking of other ways I could shore up some things and realized something super stupid - I never stepped foot into the lost tomb or whatever north of that town where nothing happens, and its full of ghosts ripe for the taking!

Thinking this would be an easy 10 minute jaunt, I swung by, beat up a bunch of lowbie trainers, and sure enough caught @AMG_75 , a lowly ghastly!

… Which meant that uh, immediately, I kind of needed to get him to 25 in order to… get gengar… with the rest.

No big says I, so I grab benedict since he needs the levels anyway and start to farming, and get bored. It occurs to me at this point that “uh, ACKCHUALLY” I could do something I’d been meaning to do anyway, and started roaming back around collecting berries I’ve planted over the last two goddamn weeks.

In doing this, two other things happened.

  1. I found out how to locate my ripe berry patches from the town map.
  2. … I accidently triggered the Driftloom event because I’d cleared out galactic from that one power plant or whatever and today happened to be ■■■■■■■ friday. Congrats @Curmudge0n

I had PREVIOUSLY done some shopping for both benny and AMG, picking up AMG thunderbolt and benny thief to prep for the new gym, but now I have yet another “which child do I love more scenario” in Curm vs AMG.

Amg reached 27 in all my exploits today and… like the rest will reach his final form today.
Curm is only a gentlemans 22, but should be relatively easy to level, and while he’s not the offensive powerhouse that Gengar is, he is a ■■■■■■■ HP tank, can still learn a lot of neat abilities, but does have a lot of weaknesses. Additionally, I should say… I had previously caught a pokemon on the route that I caught him at, but I’d make the argument that he is a) an event pokemon and b) that is legal.

So I’m playing that ball as it lays, if there is debate, we can make a vote and throw him in the “purgatory” box that Jirachi escaped from to my nieces team.

Gonna have to think on this one for a while.

In the interim, here’s all the relevant pokemon levels after all the aimless wandering. No tags for this one since it’s so close and I’ve doled out too many for the regulars today.

AMG75, the 27 Haunter *
VH101 the 34 Machoke *
Jefe, the 29 Graveler *
Temet, the 37 Kadabra *
Hattie, the 39 Empoleon
Curmudgeon, the 22 Driftloon
Billthebetta, the 36 Rosalie
Dirtybird, the 30 Staraptor
Piemanlee, the 38 Luxray

**** Will evolve today

PS, I dropped Psychichaz (the 23 Marill) and Kurt (the 19 Ponyta) off at the nursery.

Off the head I don’t know if they are in the same egg group but I pray to god the don’t start sexting each other.


Apparently I’m still logged into the forums on my phone. And I have service here…

Damn right.

(Sasukes internally)

One I perfect my lightning blade jutsu and sell my soul to a snake man for some badass tats I’ll be unstoppable…


(Edgelording intensifies)
(The ice cream truck drives by)
(Starraptor flips off the driver then secretly wishes for some cherry sherbet then sulks and reminds himself that he hates everyone by listening to death metal. He knows he’s a badass, even if everyone else sees Itachi and his stomach makes the rumblies for that delicious cherry sherbet.)

(A wild Vulpix has appeared.)



Me is a tanky loon.

I like it :grin:


Could be a multi update day. BEHOLD, ALL OF THE PINGS!

And so far it’s been pretty eventful so far!

First of all, let’s do an origin story to explain somethings that will be changing for @Psychichazard . It has to do with nuzlocke rules, and it’s the most boring part of this. Tldr; Psychic is going to get a lot better now because he has the ability Huge Power now, which actually gives him an attack stat. His nature also changed to calm, and his moveset is now slam, bounce, aqua tail, and play rough. He is also a girl now. If you care about why this happened, see the below spoilered explanation. If not, whatever.

The long version of this is that the great marsh safari zone SUCKED ASS for me. I basically had 3 pokemon flee from me, and accidently caught two marill. The rules I’ve always used in the safari zone were that you could catch one pokemon per “area”, but all the normal nuzlocke rules applied. I caught the first marill in the first area, then as I was going to a new one I meant to click “run” but hit “ball”, which caught the new marill… which is legal. It just means I have two ■■■■■■■ marills now. I’d already named the first after psychic, so I named the second one “Trash” and put her into a relevant box. I’d forgotten today that I’d put psychic number 1 in the day care and thought that I’d released then wrong one, since I always intended to release one of them. So I renamed it… and then noticed it had huge power, which is a lot better than thick fat. Because of this, I’m going to be renaming the old psychic “trash” and putting him in that box, and training the new psychic. If you read all this and don’t care, I’m so sorry, you didn’t have to click this.

On to the events of the evening thusfar! I stopped to see my niece and got everyone I mentioned in the last post evolved. Then things got a little weird. I had a strategy for the ghost gym, but needed to get their levels up. Since Psy was a lot more useful now I dragged him along as well, and he got some blood on his hands as we headed north to celestic town since Cynthia had been so nice to give us the medicine to get the ■■■■■■■ psyducks out the way. Team for this was AMG (now a gengar), VH101 (now a machamp), @Curmudge0n (now a driftloom, who turned into a driftblim along the way), @Benedict_87 as dirtybird1 (who evolved into his final Sasuke form along the way), Psychic (who evolved to Azumarill along the way), and Jefe (who was mostly there for coverage in case we hit something wacky).

We did and we didn’t. We didn’t because even though this team was underleveled, theyhad decent coverage and plowed through the trainers and wild pokemon along the way. No cathes were possible since we’d already caught some things on this route (210). The thing we did hit that was wacky was in town - we were charged with taking an old charm to Cynthia’s grandma, but ther was a team galactic grunt there holding the town hostage, which lead to the thing I put in the quotes thread because oh my god, it is clearly the best line ever written in pokemon.

“There’s an odd spaceman in front of the ruins. There isn’t anything there, but that only seemed to make him angry. He’s saying he will blow the town up with a bomb… The nerve of it all! If only I were younger, I’d punish that spaceman with my pokemon…” - Old Woman, Pokemon Shining Pearl

We whipped his ass and got the HM for surf, which hattie was very grateful for, and finally it was time to go back to fight fantina… right after we checked route 211 for a new pokemon and got…

Benedict_87 's Dirtybird III, a Noctowl.

He apparently is only about flying/normal ever since his dargon form died.

We also ■■■■■■ up catching one of those water ground things in town from fishing. Which sucks a D.

After that, we did some brief move tinkering and moved into the gym with largely the same team as before, except we dropped VH101 to pick up pie for coverage. Benedict the first was on point and effectively just… one shot everything in the gym (which was a math puzzle that I chose to get wrong so I could actually fight trainers. Sure >.>… no seriously it was like grade school math, I don’t want people to think I’m that dumb sober).

Fantina on the other hand… christ.

So I’d scouted her team on the interwebs and made a crucial, glaring error. Allow me to demonstrate - below is Fantina’s team.

32 Driftblim - Aftermath - Strength Sap, Hex, Fly, Will o Wisp
34 Gengar - Cursed Body - Shadow Claw, Sludge Bomb, Dazzling Gleam, Confuse Ray
36 Mismagus - Levitate - Confuse Ray , Phantom Force, Magical Leaf, Dazzling Gleam

So you see that list, and like any gym fight, you think “Ok, the highest level and the special one, mismagus is the ace, right?”

So… benny had made quick work of literally everything else in the gym, and had thieves to spare… but I’d also seen how much damage aftermath could do and was worried about going into gengar because of how much AMG’s cursed body procs. I thought it was 100% and I really wanted that thief going into mismagus, so instead I decided to lead with pie. Hey, bite is dark too, he can get a chomp on the gengar, let’s all go ■■■■■■■ home.

■■■■ did not go down that way.

Pie comes out against Driftblim bit does like 75%. Awesome. Driftblim’s first move is will o wisp. Ok. Not ideal but not great, pie’s burned. Fantina uses the next turn to super potion for some reason (which does not fully heal her goddamn HP tank, you dumb hooker)I go for bite number two which finishes him off, and after the burn pie is at like 65% and on fire, and gengar comes in.

I know already that I don’t want pie to see one of it’s off moves, so I heal.

If I did not he would have flat died, because Gengar has goddamn stab on sludge bomb which does what looks to be very close to exactly half hp damage to pie. Ok, well this is a shitshow. Bite goes off… and only does 25% damage… because gengar is holdinga colber berry.


The upside is that pie loves me so much that apparently he can CURE HIMSELF OF STATUS’S NOW.

@Piemanlee healed itself with emotion so you wouldn’t have to worry!”

Best thing I’ve ever seen.

Seeing how much sludge bomb dealt, I don’t want pie in anymore, so I swap out to Dirtybird… who also eats a sludge bomb, except gets hit harder because I forgot his special defense is utter ■■■■.

He is also now poisoned.

What follows afterward is what I’ve come to refer to as “the nuzlocke shuffle”. In any standard game, I could just let one of these pokemon faint and switch to the next one who could probably finish it off. Hell, I could swap for free if this wasn’t on “set battles” like a nuzlocke. But instead, I can’t let any of my goddamn babies die so I start power shuffling through, looking for someone who can eat more than one hit, and our pickins are slim because I was still trying to level people.

Azumarill can take the ghost from shadow claw, but is weak to the poison from sludgebomb. Pie and Bene have just proven that they can’t ■■■■■■■ take a hit from sludge bomb. AMG and Curm are both weak to the shadow claw, and VH101 literally wants nothing to do with this ■■■■■■■ ghost type.

So for a while, I’m literally doing nothing but revolving pokemon around and spamming potions to try to keep everyone alive. In retrospect I probably had enough potions to run his godamn PP out, but eventually the hero of this story shows up.

■■■■■■■ Curm saved this fight.

■■■■■■■ not even level 33 curm. The AI will use shadow claw over sludge bomb on hi, and he can take 3 of them as long as he doesn’t get crit. I use all this time to heal up everyone who’s become poisoned or broken through all of this and top off curm as need be, and finally am able to switch out a healthy benedict into a shadow claw and not a bomb. Benny is fast as hell, hits the theif, kills the gengar, and doesn’t get disabled.

Mismagus gets one shot by thief.

The end.

I cannot begin to tell you all how ■■■■■■■ stressful all this was. I was positive I was going to have to let someone die, but curm’s fat ass blimp body just kept taking the hits and thank god he did.

This put us back to the center where we healed up and contemplated our next moves which are… more complicated than you’d think. I’m in the rare situation now in a nuzlocke where I have “too many” good pokemon, to the point that I almost have a full backup team in the wings if ■■■■ goes south.

I really don’t like to even really think of them as the backup team. To that end, I’ve named a box on the PC the 'X-Mansion" and rather than think of it like team A and team B, we’ve decided to go full “X-Men Team Red” and “X-men Team Blue” on this.

Team Red is currently active-

Hattie, Level 39
Temet, level 37
Pie, level 40
VH101, level 38
Jefe, level 33 (the current baby of the group, needs more levels)
AMG75, level 35

Team Blue, currently reclining are
Dirtybird, level 38
Psychichaz, level 34
Ridds, Level 16 (really gonna have to work on that one soon, just in case)
Curmudgeon, level 33
Billthebetta, level 37
Krewl, level 9 (see the above)

Stressful night, but we got it got.

Badges obtained: 5
Total Deaths: 1


Quick follow up update, as not a whole lot happened. Im on a break and by the time I start playing again, I’ll be drinking.

The road to steel gym town (notice how carefully I pay attention to location names) was fraught with no real issues, and we picked up @Genericktag , a wingull for good measure. Our Rival, McMurray -

I should stop there and explain how pie helped me name our rival. You see it really comes down to-

… thanks for that, Miss Katy, that’s what I appreciates about you.

Anyway, that piece of ■■■■ showed up for another fight and we curb stomped him.

@VaultHunter101 was our lead in the gym, and handled everything in it except one fight, which was an ace trainer that inexplicably had an Azumarill. Which reminds me, I made a specific note about this.


Anyway, boss fight was pretty solid. I didn’t want to bother VH with handling the lead bronzor, so @AMG_75 lead off to take that out, but the thing set up trick room for the rest of the fight. Subbed VH in against his last two mons which was more of an annoyance than it should have been because of trick room. Basically the steelix’s earthquake could do some real damage to him (a little under half), so I had to spam heal until trick room was over, then it was low kick, eat earthquake, steelix heals, low kick, earthquake, low kick. The ace was even less of an issue since it was ground/steel. I let it set up iron defense healing from the earthquake cause he had sturdy anyway. Two low kicks after that put it down.

A lot less drama than Fantina, but it is what it is. No idea when the next update will be, I’ll be playing more later today but also drinking heavily, so I’ll do a full “tag everyone” post when I do to update everyone on new moves.

The only real important thing was @Hattie finally earned the right to show off the goods.

Also started the event to go to lake valor. That’s about i, see you next time.


My roommates have a nasty habit of dying because they’re weak, and they don’t have enough hatred. I’ll have my own room again in less than a week, and I won’t have to lift a wing. Welcome to the team… walking corpse. Don’t get in my way.

Tosses feather-hair and makes the fangirls squeal.

Committed relationships are for the weak. I find the most erotic thing about women is when they shut-up and go away.

Somehow this makes the fangirls squeal louder and also attracts a few fanboys and fantheys, leaving me to wonder…

I don’t need defense. I have offense.

A single tear runs down his cheekfeathers.

Swablu, my first and only roommate, my love… I’m coming.

Sasuke, now fine, finds his teammates standing awkwardly over him watching him cry.

SASUKE: (Enraged)


Not one person asked if you wanted a cherry sherbet.

Good! Because I don’t want one!

Has a private anime fantasy thought bubble about cherry sherbet.

Hmmm… how to role play this…

“Noctowl is a nocturnal Pokémon that is called “the emperor of dark nights” by some.”

That sounds like a title he just made up for himself.

“…it can twist its head at a 180-degree angle to increase its intellect.”

That’s a weird af ability.

Okay… so I’m gonna go with… weird nocturnal gamer guy who has all the achievements, even the ones that should be impossible…

Noctowl grabs a mouse that’s been nosing at a three day old slice of pizza… wait, did he have pizza on Monday? Ahem… grabs the mouse and bites his head off while simultaneously completing a flawless speed run of “Ori and the Blind Forest” for his Twitch stream.

SASUKE: (Secretly spying on him):
Well, that’s just the most unattractive thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

NOCTOWL: (Without looking up)
I’m not into dudes anyway.

SASUKE: (Anime freeze-gasp-close-up internal monologue)
How did he know I was here?

NOCTOWL: (Spinning his head around to look directly at Staraptor)
Because I know ALL the anime tropes. Now go get yourself a cherry sherbet and try not to get a nosebleed thinking about my ass while your at it.

SASUKE: (Internally)
Flies away.
But dat ass… OH ■■■■!
Anime nosebleed begins. Staraptor is now hypnotized thinking about Noctowl’s ass.


So this isn’t a hard update, more quick and dirty so I can piece together things when I’m not toasty.

Went north.

@nbrownlie237 became a sneasel shortly after @paulothead became a magikarp in case of dire circumstances and @Eel37 became a medicham. Brownlie died as I was trying to aggressively level him up. Much weeping was had. @VaultHunter101 , @Hattie , and @AMG_75 ran train on the gym and the leader with no casualties. Ran to lake acuity for panic rage, caught another sneasel which immediately became nbrownlie again.

It’s been a stressful time.

Gym Badges: 7
Deaths: 2

And sadly nothing to write about the sasuke birds in this minor update.


You could always make something up? Like, what are these things getting up to when they’re not being thrown in to the thick of combat?

Then again, maybe we don’t want to know that!


I have a lingering suspicion that @Benedict_87 will tell you anyway :grin:


Noctowl glares at Staraptor.

I told you! I don’t know how that pic of your tailfeathers got on my phone!

Noctowl glaring intensifies.


I’ll need pronounciation for this. :thinking:


Nursery?! WTF?! I’m only 44 bro! Wait…I’ll put a good spin on this.

I’ve been dropped off at the dispensary “nursery” lol. Getting my greenthumb on!


later losers - heading to the eastern front.

What type is Psyduck?


Mono-water and not water/psychic like I thought in the past, but ridds is already a psyduck.

Quick edit: was going to do a (slightly) more drawn out explination of the above tonight but work was hell on wheels for once. Still dealing with parts of it. Assuming things are more sane tonight I’ll pick it back up again, because now that we’re at 7/8 gyms we really need to start figuring out the finishing team for victory road so we can grind a bit to get everyone up and additionally get the team together for the gauntlet of trainers right before it so we’re at decent levels.

For the record I think jefe is gonna body the electric gym as long as I shore up someone else for coverage moves. IIRC hattie is gonna be gravy for it but I may be incorrect.

After that… god we’re gonna need to strategize.




I’m not that familiar with Pokemon, but I’d love to be a support class if they have 'em. Charjabug (electric type)?


Ok, full story details as I recall last time.

I finally went north towards the ice gym and ■■■■■■ around in the grass expecting Grover and LOST MY MIND when I picked up sneasel and threw @nbrownlie237 's name on it. Like flat out, oh my god, what a godsend. I was seriously drunk cheering (ask @Piemanlee ). I kept roving forward and had him set up as my leader, gaining levels left and right, and then I hit one of the Medichan across the very top of the screen and…

Forgot that he was 4x weak to fighting.

I don’t even remember what punk ass fighting move took him out but to say I was devastated would be an understatement.

Adding insult to injury was that I finally got @Eel37 in the game as a Medichan just before this, so I should have known better.

Utterly dejected and grumpy drunk, I made my way through the Gym fairly easily. The biggest issue was honestly the ice puzzle in it, but there was one particular thing that pissed me of that’s going to be a bit of theme moving forward in the game.

… this ■■■■■■ see you next tuesday…

Up until now the game has been pretty solid with “Well, they’re gym leaders of this type, so all their pokemon are that type.”

This is pretty much the entire reason that @AMG_75 had a role in the gym. That is some pure horseshit that only continues as the game goes on, particularly into the elite four.

Still, beat her with little issue, then got geeked…

Because I remembered that HEY THERE’S STILL MORE SNOW ■■■■.

So I head to the lakefront where there’s a patch of grass and start farming, knowing FOR SURE the only two things I can catch are

A) A replacement Sneasel
B) Grover

Sneasel means dark coverage, Grover means… kind of a bulky dude with maybe some potential in the elite four, but sneasel covers things better. So I run around, and run around, and I’m panicking and then after THRITY MINUTES.

Boom, new sneasel. New brownlie.

… Only for me to figure out that there was still a patch of grass in the lake that I could have gone to that would have guaranteed a sneasel in this version.

So really ally I did was lock myself out of Grover.

That brings us up to date with some more team galactic stuff leading into volkner (I think). May play a bit tonight if things stay sane.

So here’s the grim news. I’ve been reviewing the elite four because I need to settle on the go-team that’s going to be my first run up to them and… this is the best I have so far.

Staravia @Benedict_87
Empoleon @Hattie
Golem @Jefe (who will also cary the electric gym)
Wevile Brownlie
Machamp @VaultHunter101
Alakazam @TemetNosce

There’s still a handful of changes that may be made. Eel for instance, has better typing than either temet or VH, but lacks a lot of oomph and the upside may be minimal. Both ghost types are still kind of thought, but Brownlie’s dark typing just fits better in a lot of ways. I’m sad to say that pie… wont’ have a lot of play in the rest of the runthrough. He just has like, 2 good matchups moving through the rest of the game, and I mean that as bluntly as I can. Not two battles. Two pokemon but this strikes me as the best team I can put forward on the elite four.

I’ll have to consult the team and see if I can think of anything else weird, and if again, anyone has any notes, let me know.

I’ll give updates next time I get to play.


Extraterrestrial Vehicle Type Pokemon.

Human Math Type Pokemon.

Tosses hair feathers.
Hmph. As if there was any doubt.

You’re part of a list, dumbass.

Wrong. I’m at the top of the list… that you’re not on. Now go back to playing Club Penguin or Webkins or whatever the hell you absolute children are doing today. I have battles to win.

I’m perfectly content not to get killed in pointless over-complicated cockfighting.
Eyes narrow.
Like Swablu did.

Runs from the room in tears.