Arsonist Plays Pokemon Sword and Shield, or mostly Boondock Saints


Moving my pokemon shennanigans from RTT to here since I’m drunk.

BEFORE I DO A DATA DUMP OF THE STORY SO FAR, I should explain that I’m kind of doing a “half” nuzlocke because of the odd way sword and shield are set up.

The rules that I am following-

  • If a pokemon faints, it “dies” (is released, see the main exception rule below)
  • I can only catch two pokemon on each route. One must be randomly generated (if possible) through tall grass or water. The second may be from any other source - an overworld pokemon walking around, a fishing spot, a berry tree. This adds some variety in the odd way this game generates wild pokemon.
  • Additionally, in each “wild zone” I encounter the same rules apply. However for each gym boss I defeat, I may try my luck with both catches again. I’ll keep a running tally of how many wild catches I have.


  • Wild Zones, especially at early levels so far, are so much ■■■■■■■■ that I’m not counting deaths if I’m fighting something 10 levels higher than me. Pokemon are immune from doom there unless that doom comes from a pokemon with less than 5 levels on it, in which case it will meet it’s maker.
  • I’m also not considering a “lock in” on an overworld pokemon in a wild zone unless I can actually catch the stupid thing. Me hitting something to see its level and then getting shafted is too stupid even for nuzlocke standards.

If anyone is curious about other nuzlocke rules I have no shame about overleveling, using items or anything I can do to keep my team alive.

So that’s all the regular mumbo jumbo, here’s all the story stuff I’ve placed in RTT.

If you like Hattie’s Irish meme culture, you might like my Pokemon Sword playthrough. I have a bad habit of trying to role play someone when I do these games - like last time I tried to play through Omega Ruby, I was BlackMage and named all my pokemon after classic damage spells.

This time around, since it’s set in the UK, I named my guy O’Houlihan and decided he was a proud 13 year old IRA member dead set on destabilizing the economy by taking the “filthy imperialist crown” of pokemon champion.

His starter, Grookey

Got named GuerillaTact, and all the rest of his team are named after things any good revolutionary needs. Right now he has LandMine (Mudbray), PsyOps (Slowpoke), SurfacetoAir (First level bird thing), Molotov (Vulpix), and Taterbait (stupid squirrell thing soon to be an HM bitch).

I really finds this increases my enjoyment of pokemon, to the point that I have mumbled the following under my breath while playing him-

“Oh shut the ■■■■ up ma, you’ll open yer legs for any half cocked protestant who stumbles in this goddamn house.”

“Don’t you get uppity with me Hop (the rival), you imperialist ■■■■■.”

Before every major story battle I steal the line from Gangs of New York - “Prepare to receive the true laird!”

On the list of things that first grass trainer was expecting, Dynamax Ninetails on turn 1 at level 20 was not among them, I think.

That brings us to the current update.

I’ve already blitzed through Route five and Nessa. I’ve only had one non-wild zone related death thusfar, which was Sabotage - his screwing around with power plant levers shall be missed. Current progress as I start my first drink of this session is that I’ve gone into the second route of caves towards Koga’s gym. I’ve gone far enough in that I don’t have any more cave catches and have fought Bede, then ran back to town to the pokemon center.

Current Team Makeup -

GurillaTact (Level 27 Thwackey) - Got lucky on my starter d10 roll and got the grass (coughgreencough) starter. Seems like a good get so far, and he was the main thing that tore nessa apart. Dynamax, max overgrowth X3, gg girl.

Knock Off
Branch Poke
Razor Leaf

SurfaceToAir (Level 26 Corvisquire) - Bird pokemon is bird pokemon in early level nuzlockes. Thankfully he gets a dark typing later on which is going to help me out quite a bit.

Fury Attack
Power Trip
Hone Claws

Molotov (Level 25 Ninetales) - This… this is where I got insanely lucky. Not only was I able to get a Vulpix at low level, but one of my outings into the wild zones netted me a fire stone to evolve it at 19. It utterly destroyed the first grass gym, and that was before I realized how broken it is that the move rememberer is at every pokemon center and the service is free. Mol’s attack loadout scares me for this low level. If there wasn’t so many things that wrecks fire, she’d be my anchor.

Nasty Plot

Depthcharge (Level23 Dreadnaw) - Caught via fishing of all things, I was able to get him to max form pretty quickly. Unfortunately doesn’t have the “biting people” hidden power, instead settling on the immune to crits shell bit, but the water/rock typing really helps me out in a lot of places. Top on the list for beating up the fire gym, but needs levels along with the below entry.

Razor Shell
Rock Tomb

Taser (Level 21 Chinchou) - A fairly new addition, and not one I’m super happy with. The fact is though, I need electric coverage because nothing else I have handles fliers especially well. I’m hoping to find something better for this slot since its redundant with Dreadnaw in the water, but… you all know how that song and dance goes. Still, one of my favorite pokemon and fun to tinker with.

Confuse Ray

Infantry (Level 14 Timburr) - So this is super embarassing but I just realized that I didn’t need an HM slave, so I’ve been packing around a Skwovet and making sure they were at level until just now when I googled that was stupid. Fighting plugs a few other holes I have, so Infantry got pulled in from the box. Hopefully he’ll get a lot of levels while the water types faceroll the fire gym.

Low Kick
Rock Throw
Focus Energy.

Current Wild Zone Catches in Reserve-
Randoms - 1
Overworld - 3

Finally. The man, the myth, the boyo from Belfast…



Actually, you get yourself a sky-tank Steel type later, so if you’ve liked how Skarmory has worked before you’ve got a treat swooping into port soon.

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Ooooh thats even better! I thought Corviknight was dark. Awesome.

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Ok. Updates.

Got through the rest of the cave, then made it to the other side of a town I had already been too, which was a new path. Got two new additions. Scraggy (BlackOps) and Sawk (KravMaga). Scraggy’s typing made him good enough to keep around, but the one who was going to show up Kabu was always going to be DepthCharge. His typing destroys it and…

Boy he sure did.

Bonus points for the gym “puzzle” involving catching or beating fire pokemon in grass, where I picked up Centiskorch (FireBug) (Arsonist felt too on the nose).

Kabu only had three pokemon, so I did what I had already - Dynamax’d early to try and blitz through. This would have worked perfectly except that arcanine took two shots of water bomb to kill. This brought up his evolved centiscorch which for some goddamn reason knew a grass move… that DepthCharge was able to tank. After I realized he wasn’t going to one shot, I won the fight on a judicious spray of Super potion, got my fire badge, and was dropped back into the wild zone with the game reassuring me “I might be able to handle it now”.

BlackOps beat out Infantry for a Spot as Dark/Fighting type, which is super helpful at the moment.

DepthCharge >> 29, No move changes.
Taser >>> 25, No move changes
GuerillaTact >>> 30, No move Changes

BlackOps (Level 25 Scraggy)

Sand Attack
Low Kick
Beat up

Molotov >>> Level 28, No Move Changes
SurfaceToAir >>> Level 29, No Move Changes

Current Wild Zone Catches in Reserve-
Randoms - 2
Overworld - 4


Tried to do more Wild zone. Ate up my two random spots fairly easily and then…

Did not hit either a suitable overworld pokemon at all, or the ones I did hit used whirlwind and got away before a pokeball could find purchase. I’m not considering it a full drain, cause at around level 30 I STILL HAVENT GOTTEN AN OVERWORLD WILD ZONE POKEMON, but I’m deducting two for the ■■■■■■■■.

Current Wild Zone Catches in Reserve-
Randoms - 0
Overworld - 1

Also I’m too pissed at the game to continue. Moving on to smash bros for the rest of the drunk day experience.

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I have close to ZERO idea what any of this means. However, I’m strangely interested in reading more. Please continue, and happy drunk day.


I got close to ■■■■ all to report during this.

I have to do a lot of farming here and my progress was mox nix.

Slightly changed my group makeup in a way that… is workable for the next gym, but I’m still weak to it

Stay tuned.

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