Arsonist Tries Nuzlocking Again

Day One-

Well, the nuzlocke is starting strong… ish?

Cons - Treeko is my starter
Pros - Ruby Omega opens into like 3 very easy routes which fed me Wingull, Seedot, and Wurmple, so not a bad starter team.

I named my guy Black Mage and I’m doing my old naming strat from the first one I tried - naming them after offensive spells from other games.

Treeko - Death Coil
Seedot - Ghostfire
Wurmple - Impale (to be renamed when I figure out what it’s going to be evolved to)
Wingull - Hurricane

Gym 1 down. Just about had my starter die on a buff/debuff happy zigzadoon (I’m… not good with those strategies) but managed to pull out before bad things happened. Got a slothing/slacking thing in the forest and managed to trade it for a Makhuita which is good for type coverage. Ghostfire just recently turned to Nuzleaf, Impale turned into a butterfly, and I picked up an HM Slave Zizadoon that I named Harm and a bird named Blood Strike. Death Coil lived up to his namesake in the gym and just drank everyone. I love these regenerator types.

Sighs Second badge, first death. Had planned on plowing through the fighting Gym with Wingull, which went great until I hit Brawleys machop. In my head I was going to mist/supersonic to start, but with the way wingull had been murdering everything else I thought I could wing attack my way to the win then and there. I was wrong. Got suckered into him using his potion and then getting totally mauled by a sizemic toss which exploded my bird. Alas Hurricane, we hardly knew ye. Makahuita continues to level up because of trade exp, so she finished things out without incident, which makes me think I need to get back to my old roots of “overleveling the ■■■■ out everything”.

I used some of the cheekier moves to get some annoying mons out of the way and into my dex though. Upon getting the old rod I fished for and got Magikarp (Arcane Blast) inside the town, not killing the only route adjacent to it. Then on the route I fished to pick up a Tentacool as well (Death Grip) and slipped in the cave to pick up a Zubat (Mind Blast). I’m really bummed about Hurricane though. Most people don’t like Wingull but I always thought it was neat that after years of ■■■■■■ normal/flying types like pidgey and spearrow, the thought having one that actually had type coverage was fun. Losing it really hurt some ■■■■ as well - I’ve already pulled Arcane Blast for the tried and true nuzlocke “get a ■■■■■■■ gyrados” strat to shore up my water (Which I’ll need, with team magma going around), and I’ve benched Ghostfire for now in lieu of Mind Blast, who covers flying and poison (Although I’m already thinking about sitting Impale’s ass in the box just to keep running Ghostfire… he’s one of my faves).

Current Team-
Death Coil, 18 Groyle
Makit, 18 Makuhita (Traded, Name to be Changed)
Arcane Blast, 10 Magikarp
Mind Blast, 10 Zubat
Ghostfire, 16 Nuzleaf
Harm, 13 Zizadon (HM Slave)


Just fought the Magma team in the museum with 2 grass types, a flying type, an HM slave, and an underleveled magikarp and ■■■■■■■ zubat.

I need to grind like I’m a ■■■■■■■ dog on the carpet.

I’m shocked I got out of there with no new deaths.


I shall watch and most likely enjoy reading this thread


Last update for the day coming shortly -

Spoilers: There’s another death but the game keeps giving me freebies.

Sooo… today started with a lot of grinding with the hopes of getting Arcane Blast to 20 so he could be… well, useful. That went mostly successful until a boneheaded switched put Ghostfire into a fighting move and… well.

He’s no longer with us.

On the plus side, moving into the next town got me a Cosplay Pikachu from wasting 20 minutes doing an actual contest but the electric type coverage and mostly leveled mon were… actually appreciated. More grinding ensued, and by the time we were ready for the gym everyone was mostly around 20. About halfway through there was a trainer with a meditite, which gave me pause - Makit has become a goddamn beast because of exp share and the “trade” XP bloat, so I knew he’d be handling most of the leader, but he had no real type advantage on meditite. I thought to myself “Hey, Mind Blast can handle that! Flying trumps the fighting side of meditite!”

And then I forgot I was in a lightning gym an Mind Blast got jacked.

The rest of the gym was uneventfu, but a few of my mons are XP starved because of all the electric types around Maulville. Right now the party is…

Mass Confuse - 17 Beautifly (formerly Impale)
Death Coil - 26 Grovyle
Arcane Blast - 21 Gyrados
Harm - 21 Linoone
LIT3 - 24 Pikachu (Cosplay)
Makit - 28 Hariyama

3 badges obtained

Pokemon Gained -
Thunderwave,-11 Minun
LIT3,-24 Pikachu (Cosplay)

Pokemoned RIP’d
Ghostfire - Nuzleaf
Mind Blast - Zubat


I only recent came across the Nuzlocke challenge and I would have to be really bored to try it with Emerald 2–a ROM–as some of the fights are…brutal. The game has changed quite a lot to make a lot of Pokemon and abilities more viable, but it has also improved quite a few of the fights.

I’ll root for you from the sidelines while eating popcorn.

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Pretty slow day today - full disclosure, there were deaths but during what I consider a “timeout” session on the inverse dude. I just wanted to try that event and wasn’t going to be beholden to nuzlocke for trying a feature I have ■■■■ experience with, so bleh :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly I didn’t play too much today - split my time between this and leveling my Shaman on my WoW private server. Really didn’t even hit any story points, I just split off into the three routes out of Maulville that I hadn’t before I logged off today trying to fill out some space. Picked up Meteor (Geodude) off a random rock smash and Faerie Fire (Volbeat) in the grass on the trail to the west - the trail to the left went cold and I didn’t even have a super rod to surf. I also deposited Death Grip and Blood Strike (tentacool and Taillow) into the day care in case something happens to Arcane Blast and/or Mass confuse.

Got in a few levels on the main party by fighting random trainers/events in and around maulville. I’m running into some… interesting spots and issues. Makit continues to overlevel like a ■■■■■■■■■■■■ as long as the EXP Share is on (and it’s staying on), so she’s already 30. It feels like I may be able to work Meteor in for some better type coverage, especially with magma loving their goddamn houndooms and numels so ■■■■■■■ much Arcane Blast could handle it… if the stupid wench would learn a goddamn water move. I did some research and figured out I wont get Surf until I take petalberg, which is… a significant portion away. My coverage right now isn’t horrible, but I have a few weak points - Mass Confuse is currently my only hard grass counter and she’s still a level away from Silver Wind which only has 5 goddamn PP.

Short version of this rant…

Anyone know of any good Bug/Water TM’s around where I’m at?

I need em bad.


Largely unchanged, just everyone slightly higher level.

Pokemon Gained-
Meteor (Geodude)
Faerie Fire (Volbeat)

(Also I’m sad I can’t make a spot for bug only. Otherwise… volbeat would so be in).



Checked the TM list for omega ruby and didn’t see any bug or water TMs

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Ugh… 's gonna be a long road gents.