Art of Homeworld Available Now!

The Art of Homeworld showcases the beauty of Homeworld Remastered Collection with elaborate drawings of ships, level concepts, and scenes from the animatics and is now available through!

Click this link to purchase the The Art of Homeworld on

Note that these art books will also be coming to Amazon Canada, United Kingdom, and Japan soon!


Is this a limited production run?

It is a limited run!

Is it all of the same content from the art book that came with the collector’s edition or is there more and, if so, how much more?

The story behind this art book is that we had a collection of art that we got as part of the acquisition of the IP. A lot of that art is what was included in the Collector’s Edition art book.

After the art for the CE book was submitted for printing, we got talking with Aaron and Rob and found out that they had a bunch of original art in the archives that they were happy to scan and send over to us. This new art is what makes up the majority of The Art of Homeworld art book. There’s over 200 pages of content!

Today I am the saddest person ever. They wont ship it to South Africa. :sob:

To be fair, I do not blame them. :confused:

Link is showing as unavailable with no date. US

Finally I got my copy. :sunglasses:
The book is nice indeed, with lots of sketches and concept paintings.

I suspected that Vaygr were headbangers but I was amazed by the “TOOL” battlecruiser. ^^
MAynard KeenAN? :smile:

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Got mine as well, very impressed with the book and amazed at how much is in it!

Bought when I saw the announcement on relicnews this morning. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

For anyone who’s interested it’s now available on

Bought it instantly.

Got mine saturday, it’s so awesome thanks for making it available again. Awesome work putting it together, I love seeing all of this old artwork, and the history they put into it.

Got mine yesterday, awesome book. Very happy gearbox did this :smile:

Mine is waiting for me at the post office now! Have to get off work early to collect it before they close :smiley:

Hi, I have been checking Amazon UK quite regularly since this announcement was made, but it still says “Currently Unavailable” - do you have an estimate for when it will be available to buy in the UK?


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Checking with the folks at Bluecanvas to see if they have an updated ETA – will report back as soon as I know more!

Hi @Jeffybug !

I’ve just checked Amazon UK and the book is now available. The problem is that the delivery is only possible inside the UK. Choosing a delivery outside of it (France in my case, tested with Germany too) is not possible !
So, simple question, is there a trap somewhere ? I thought it would be possible to use Amazon UK for all the european region (like for the collector edition in fact). I would really hate to miss the opportunity to own this book ! :’(


Same here, I’m just overseas in the Netherlands and I can’t order it either, that’s idiotic delivers to France without any problem (I got my copy from them). You just have to pay an extra for the delivery costs. Why amazon UK does not do it for this item is beyond me.

Yeah, but having to buy it from thousand of kilometers when there are some in uk is a little bit strange. I will use if there is no other choice though

edit : you were editing while I was typing ^^