Art of Homeworld Available Now!

That’s wierd, on Amazon UK it is being sold by a marketplace seller called Bluecanvas Inc, not actually Amazon. I just checked US Amazon and it is also the same. The strange thing is that this seller has just been created and so has no ratings. Is this legitimate?

(I know that Jeffybug mentioned above the publisher is called Bluecanvas, but I can’t imagine it is too difficult to set up as a seller with the same name)

Also, I can’t remember if price was ever mentioned in the emails, but £39.99 seems a lot for an art book - they are usually around 20 maybe up to 30 sometimes. Does that also seem correct?

The seller (and the product) on Amazon UK existed for at least one month, as I had it in my wish list since the original post from Jeffybug.
The price is not illogical with the one on (59.99$)

I just ordered my copy of the Art of Homeworld from Amazon. It is fulfilled by Amazon, so no need to worry about it being from a marketplace seller, that happens regularly for items that Amazon wants to sell, but can’t do so in their actual warehouse, so they simply collaborate with someone who has the item in question and fulfil the order on the seller’s behalf.

Ok thanks guys! So it seems ok from seller and price perspective (still a bit shocked the price is so relatively high though!). I’ve just ordered a copy, should be arriving Tuesday I think :smile:

Don’t forget it’s a 250+ pages book (if I remember well) :wink:

Received my copy today. It’s amazing, it’s real and it’s totally worth every penny.

Print quality is superb, lovely little touches and other details throughout, and pretty much every page is filled with incredible artwork.

Why aren’t they shipping it to Portugal? I want to buy it :frowning:

I just received mine, from (I didn’t want to take the risk of not having one).

Buy it from there, you will NOT be disappointed, believe me ! :smiley:

It is a sexy, sexy book, yeah? :wink:


It certainly is. Kudos to the team for it :+1:

Just got mine from the wife as a birthday present and I am super happy! :slight_smile:

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