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What on earth is depth-biasing?

See how the muzzle flare is cutting through the hull? With Depth-Biasing, that looks MUCH better :wink: If you pause the game where you want to take a shot - you can turn on or toggle various features then to see how each affects the scene, then take your snap…

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ah, I see… I was wondering why the effects were cutting through like that.

For Rebirth Mod



Reminds me of the junkyard office.

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Not sure how much feedback your team is looking for, if any, but personally while that ship is very well rendered, the shape of it is very plain. HW2’s stock ships are already relatively regular in their shapes, and personally I’d strongly prefer more variety.

Is it possible to have reflective surfaces? Like a mirror-plated ship? Or would that require ray-traced rendering?

I believe you can have very shiny ships, but they’ll be reflecting the background, and a fuzzier version of it at that. Reflecting the actual game environment is not possible as far as I know

Ah well. Just a dream. Just imagining that ship from star wars. The all silver one.

Alas. Chrome parts like on the starfighters you’d probably get away with, but an all chrome ship would probably look weird, since it’d have enough surface area you’d see the missing reflections.

But would you see it?.. Would it look invisible?

Er… I mean… you’d see… notice, rather, the absence of reflections that should be there.

That’s a hard thought to turn into clear words.

I understood what you meant. I’m just saying it wouldn’t matter if it blended into the background.

An invisible ship. Now that would be really OP in mp.!


Nicely done. Though I think it needs a little something along the front top flat area. Something to make it a little more unique. Also, any guns?

I recommend you ask questions in regards to Rebirth on our active thread. Personally I’d rather not answer questions in this one and derail it.

UNH Interceptor Refresh (View in 3D)


Looks really good, sleek.
But I can see a piece that’s just hovering beside the ship, doesn’t seem to be connected to it…?

Also the long piece on the other side looks a bit too flat on the top IMO.

But that cockpit is awesome.