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the model is still very WIP, some shapes are blocked out but not yet integrated into the rest of the ship.

Really cool.

SWEET! I had no idea you guys had cracked the code of strictly-Kushan fighter design… I wish I had way, way more thumbs right now so that they could be up!!!

And I similarly love the fact that we can do a model showroom where we can truly show models now, rather than pictures thereof; it really is a whole new era of Homeworld modding!

So here’s something to look at from me… also an unfinished model (and no idea really what I should be doing with the back end of the ship), but far enough along to be shareable I think. Though I have no real plans of reinvigorating the Galactic Council mod in and of itself (all my current modding efforts are intended for the furtherment of the HW@ mod), this is a concept for a fighter belonging to those RockShip guys and, therefore, a Council ship in the strictest sense:

Arrowhead Fighter in 3D


P3D is a great site, isn’t it? Not the only one of it’s kind, either. And it can handle textured models too, I love it.

And yep, we do seem to have finally hit on a pure Kushan fighter that works. If we swing it right this time it’ll be a whole fighter family, not just the one interceptor. So long as modeling all these complex surfaces and details in RM-level fidelity doesn’t drive me mad.

It’s really, really great to have your brand of striking creativity surprising me once again with unorthodox ships, and I hope you keep it up. If this is intended to be a rockship fighter, my main comment on the aft is that we’ve written them as having similar engine tech to the bentusi, so maybe softly glowing bits but no actual exhausts.

And I’ll be sure the team gets a link to this :slight_smile:

Texturing will be a nightmare. That’s a whole lotta work.

P3D is pretty great! I basically set up an account immediately after checking out your link; t’was incredibly easy to do, and renders really nice!

[quote=“EatThePath, post:44, topic:262758”]
So long as modeling all these complex surfaces and details in RM-level fidelity doesn’t drive me mad.
[/quote]I wonder about that; I mean, about the team approach to the Remastered business. It was my understanding that the HW2 models were not altered for the remaster… since the original HW@ models were all made to stock HW2 fidelity, I thought maybe we’d squeak by without having to worry about any remodeling; though of course we probably can’t get away without normal/reflect maps forever. But perhaps this isn’t the appropriate place for such a discussion…

[quote=“EatThePath, post:44, topic:262758”]
my main comment on the aft is that we’ve written them as having similar engine tech to the bentusi, so maybe softly glowing bits but no actual exhausts.
[/quote]It would not have occurred to me to try that, although the original Rockship certainly supports the theory that they share reactionless drive tech. The problem is, those ol’ Super Acolytes had what appeared to be ‘conventional’ drives, so I figured if the Bentusi couldn’t miniaturize the tech to that level, probably no one could. Also, thank you for forwarding the preview through the appropriate channels! There’s nothing I’ve made for Homeworld that wasn’t improved immensely through close cooperation with the HW@ team; you guys have helped me improve in every way I can think of, inspiring me to try Wings3D, soft-pressuring me into xNormal, co-oping on various models in various ways, and giving me all the texturing philosophy and reference material I could possibly hope for!

[quote=“Lazer72, post:45, topic:262758, full:true”]
Texturing will be a nightmare. That’s a whole lotta work.
[/quote]Lol, texturing is always a nightmare! But I doubt if this ship will be particularly nightmarish. I’ve been working on a ship that’s very largely curved edges, and this at least has a reasonable amount of hard edges.

Also though it adds little, here’s the concept drawing:

I only include it because I wanted to show the intention of the really big ventral antennae.

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I’m seriously impressed by that Arrowhead fighter. Cant wait to see it fully textured.

I don’t mind discussing it publicly, really. I’m not going to stress too much about remodeling old ships in a hurry, despite the fact that I’m working on a UNH_FTI and we already have a UNH_FTI. Many of our older ships still look fantastic, both in my opinion and in the opinion of less baised spectators. And I, at least, am really rusty and not really up to matching the talent Gearbox brought to bare blow for blow. But I intend to push myself to do the best I can practically do, and make that better every ship, and I’d encourage everyone else to strive for the same goal. This isn’t too far from how we’ve always done things, either, while we did start out at the stock HW2 fidelity level we let that creep up over the years. If that eventually meets or surpasses the RM models, that’s great, but even if it doesn’t a solidly designed ship will shine through anyway.

Well, we’ve pretty much written ourselves a blank check for redesigning anything in Cataclysm if we need to. The Bentusi of HW:@ may not even have fighters, as far as I can recall they’ve never featured in our speculation on how we’ll make them fight if they need to. If they did… while on first blush I’m okay with them not having trailers, on further reflection trails are a pretty important part of making fighters and their motion highly visible even at far zooms, so it might be worth instead thinking about alternate kinds of trails the Bentusi drives could have for fighters that would look distinct but serve the same purpose.

And thanks for the kind words! In return we’ve always valued your refreshingly unique ideas and perspectives.


Nothing of the caliber of what others have posted here, just a simple neon Angel Moon logo with actual renditions of the Angel Moon and Hiigara within it. Made using Photoshop, GIMP, and SpaceEngine.


Bringin’ this thread back.

UNH FTI2 D 07 (View in 3D)


I wanna see that thing fully textured…

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Lazarus & Amazon Queen by Starscream.
2 ships based on concept art made i believe by rob cunningham, ships in question are to the left of the ms in this picture.
Lazarus is the ship closest to it. Well i dont know about the amazon queen atm cause i found concept art that talros came up with.

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I like the Lazarus concept, always wanted to see it in game. Here’s the original art:


@EatThePath I like this - it is very clearly a descendant of the interceptor we first saw in 1999, but also quite distinct. I notice there is a lot more detail on the top than the bottom… Is that intentional or is it still WIP?

Largely an aspect of the WIP status, there’s been some more underside detail drawn that isn’t in there.

UNH FTI2 D 09 (View in 3D)

A bit more of it is in that version, but there’s more still to come and refinement to that stuff too.

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carrierRedux (View in 3D)

whenever I look at the original carrier mesh+textures, I’m tempted by more flowing interpertations. Still, satisfaciotn is elusive.

Maybe this will inspire:

Hunh, I’d thought I’d put the newer p3d up, but it looks like no.

carrierRedux 04 (View in 3D)

@Dom2, I don’t really much care for that version of it, to be honest. My goal here is to reinterpert the old mesh, not redesign the ship outright.

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