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This qualifies as fan art in most states, so…


Just found this Kadeshi Defender. Its old and its a kitbash, but I actually really like it:

ViralHatred uploaded this image to


Did you make those?

W’yeah! It is my mod, after all. My own. My prec…

…Eh, there I go getting possessive of my mods again. But yeah, I mean, I just took existing cover art of The Fellowship of the Ring and of the Guidestone and modified them. I HAVE to be the one to do these kind of promos, because believe it or not, I haven’t been able to recruit even a single other team member to my LOTR mod yet. You’d think they’d be lining up.

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Well they’re pretty darn good!

Hi, I am new here, this is my first post,
LOVE the ARTWORK been done so far!! i think its amazing, Have been attracted to the art since the first game came out and now I have gone back to try and play the game, including playing some of the mods (wow)!!! Yeah, have not played it for a while until recently!
Keep it up guys! :smiley:


Thanks for coming to the forums; it’s always great to find a new first-time poster!

this could so be a shipyard for the taiidan.

I wish enterprise E made this into a base


Now that looks good.

Slightly Hiigaran-looking, except for the fins…


one word, HAWT!

Just a bit, lol! What is it supposed to be, if not Hiigaran? Maybe you would know better than I do.

Here’s another great ship from my deviant art browsing…

Could make a good Bentusi ship in my opinion. This one is also great:

I was tempted to try to make it the inspiration for the Taiidan Republic destroyer, but it just doesn’t look aggressive enough. It seems more like a freighter to me. No idea why it is called a “badger”…

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They look good!

Hiigaran…ish, by Entroz:



Indeed, 'tis very similar to something out of one of the early HW2 cutscenes.

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I found a CD the today with some very old stuff on it, including a concept I drew in 2003 for a “tug”…


It is pretty poor. You may think my skills haven’t improved much in 12 years!


Nah, I rather think that they have! What you got there looks rather not unlike an old school camcorder!

Looks great, but it kinda looks like a jackhammer that just…fell over.