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Hello guys and girls!

Some of you may remember me from relic forums where i used to post my 3d models. 2-4 years ago?
Anyways here is my take what i would call hiigaran heavy torpedo bomber. Shape of this thing is sleek, because it’s supposed to be future desing, After homeworld 2 events happened.

What i would like to know is how much polygons/verts/faces/tris i can have on fighter chassic.
I have allredy uv mapped this thing mostly.
Also dont worry about engines they are there for normal map baking.


My old hiigaran railgun frigate desing.

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Yes, YES and more YES.

Love it. Make that, please.

In terms of budget - 2000-3000 is a great target. The panels you’ve already pulled out would make a very solid first LOD - losing them (and the wing-joint supports) would be a killer 2nd LOD, IMHO.


Glad you like it :smiley: Hmm… so i could add more detail still, atm i have 1600 tris and 900 verts. Maybe add some detail to cockpit and underside.

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That ship is actually from here game is currently in development and IMO begs for a Homeworld mod when it’s out.

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You might want to test first how torpedoes shot from a fighter work in game. I do have them on Cloaked Fighters, but they are launched cold and down.
@Battlecry might comment. I don’t know who else did forward launching missiles on a strikecraft.

That is a good point. Missiles now have a delay from birth->hitting things to prevent team-fire and self-harm issues… but still, unless they are REALLY fast, a quick unit may not want to fire them forward…

That said, you could turn those forward facing ports into weapons with slaved nozzles and make it more of a ‘shotgun’ cover type weapon - rapid fire cycling through each hole launching munitions that act similar to a flak gun - big messy sphere-burst damage.

At the same time, without trying it, I can’t say that with the new weapons systems/code in the patch torpedoes won’t be okay… they could be.

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So. if they fire em from longer distance they should work just fine? Can you still make missiles unguided in HWRM?
At least in classic HW2 i could make them unguided.
These could be good against slow moving targets like BC’s and larger. Also it would make sense that having high payload would mean no guidance systems. Or you can have guidance systems on torpedo’s but less damage of course.

I think it’s time for me to start diggin and testing.

No turning speed -an unguidied missile, just like in the old times. My Artillery Frigate does that, it’s tested in HWRM. (Also Bullet Mod does that.)

Well, the next patch changes EVERYTHING. So proceed with caution - and USE THE TOOLS. HODOR is your only option after this patch…

And if the concern with missiles firing forward wasn’t clear - the worry is that if the unit is fast, and moving forward, and the missile fires forward - will they hit or interfere with each other? Depending on the speed deltas, they could. The ship may fly right into it, etc. Firing ‘away’ is often better…

But do what looks cool, or works the way you want :wink:


Very nice work! I’m especially into the frigate; the texturing job is really really good, and nothing impresses like a good texture job!

What alias did you go by on Relic, I wonder? Was it the same or did you use a different one?

Hodor will become the only option? You mean the old hod from HW2 classic won’t work anymore ?

That’s not good news…Since RODOH is still buggy when trying to convert 9CCN’s old hods, and it has taken us those almost ten years to build all those old hods…

I’ve been saying that exact thing since the game came out a year ago. Over and over. How is this news?

RODOH bugs are very serious to me, and post-patch I’ll be working on it quite a bit more. HODOR will also get some new features/tricks.


For me HW2 classic hod won’t work in some near future is not news, but that it will happen before RODOH bugs fixed is.

Anyway I’m not blaming you, you guys really did great jobs for this huge patch. :slight_smile:

It was -UNI-. Also at complex forums i am know as -UNI-. I stopped posting at relic forums when i found complex forums, which seemed to be more alive at that time :smiley:

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We know -UNI-.
It’s hard to keep track with who’s who when half of the people change their nicknames. Isn’t it Doci…, I mean Kragle :slight_smile:


It’s been a long time since I fiddled with missile files, but I remember there being a setting for how far and fast the missile would be ejected from the tube before the game ignited the motor. As long as you gave it a good enough ejection kick and the missile was at least a little faster than the fighter, it should be fine.
There might be a way to tie the firing sequence into the attack run, so your fighter would break off just after launch, but I’m fuzzier on how to do it.

Ha, yup! At least “unifin” is considerably closer to “-UNI-” than in my case :wink:

Most eveything is. :slight_smile:

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I don’t suppose it’s possible to have the speed of the missile be a function of the current speed of the unit?