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Is Dwarfinator far enough from Snake ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I thought I would post this here as a memento for those who didn’t see it at the time :


Where is this from?

I seem to remember that it was posted by a Relic guy on the Relic forums at that time. Perhaps someone who now works with Gearbox or BBI ? @BitVenom ? @BBI-yoyobbi ?

Edit : from what I managed to find, it was posted by ÜberJumper on the 1st October of 2009 and was done by Dave Cheong :

edit2 : @Kragle at that time, you made the corresponding badge (as seen below). Do you have it in a resolution that would fit the remastered standard ?
I could try to make an updated one otherwise

Oh shoot… I’m afraid I’m unlikely to find that old badge anyplace. Maybe wait a bit before you make it though, in case I can hunt it down.

ok, let me know if you find anything :slight_smile:

@Dwarfinator and @Kragle

That fighter is not only a fan art, but also an in-game unit. The guys at FX MOD modeled it and you can play with in the classic. You might find it in MODDB. In my old PC I might have the HOD, if desired.
Maybe @yangc12345 can help us to find the modeller and ask to port to HWRM. As far as I remember, the textures had a good quality.

Man, you really should model and texture that Nabbal scout.
We need that craft! (Not to mention the rest of the fleet, but hey, one ship at a time ahahahha …)


oh, didn’t know that ! I’ll take a look, thanks !

Been looking for some inspiration around the interwebs. Found these.
Made by this guy.

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I’m not too sure about the credibility of his authorship, because the first is clearly @Talros and his Titan-Naam.

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It’s hit or miss whether you’ll find the art style you want, but I visit a few times a year.


Hey. I’ve had to learn a bit of blender for a school project. I’ve made a couple of ships taking inspiration from Homeworld, and I thought maybe it would be enjoyed here (figured this was the most appropriate thread to post on).

Small painting I did of the second ship, just so you can see how I had intended it to look.

I’ve got both ships rendered all hologram like, and I’ll upload those as soon as I can convert them to GIFs


If you get those textured they’d be pretty easy to get in to the game - nothing says ‘extra credit’ for a school project like a 4k render of your ship laying waste to an enemy carrier… :wink:

Heck, if you get it in the engine, I’ll help you set up a 360 render at 10k - really push it over the top…

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Ha. First, let me say that I am absolutely thrilled you like it. However, due to time restraints and my work load I’m not sure I’ll be able to take on such a task atm. It was my original goal to texture them before presentation, but considering my time constraints and medium of presentation, I have opted for a different visual style.

My year will be over in about six weeks and I have no intent to drop this project once I’ve received a grade. So for now I can let it be. For now I will take tips or links to basic tutorials, because I would like to try and texture before presentation when I can find time. And if you are still willing @BitVenom I would be more than happy to take you up on your offer.

ill edit in gifs asap

first one

second one

last one

The little man stands about 1.7-1.8m in height



I haven’t seen this art before. I don’t know if you’d guy made it…

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Cool freakin beans.

I imagine some high quality renders count, so here’s some stuff that’ll be in a mod. (soon-ish-maybe).

Mod in question

Also BV it seems I cannot locate the lego ship mega thread unless directly linked to it? Any ideas?

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Because that’s a topic your pc wants to le(t)go ? :stuck_out_tongue: