Art style - thumbs up!

I really enjoy the look of this game. Also, the gameplay video we saw seemed to show a borderlands level sense of humor in the game. I’m looking forward to this game now. I haven’t figured out what platform to get yet though. I still don’t have XBone, PS4 or a PC capable of playing it. Which means I might end up late to the party unlike all the Borderlands which I always get day of.

In any case I do hope to eventually play the heck out of it if it’s good.

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We should be seeing much more of this soon with Pax around the corner

Sorry for being slow, but what game is this?

BattleBorn, Gearboxs new game.

It’s First Person game with a large (20) roster of playable characters each with distinct playstyles, EG shooting/melee/fast/slow ect…

It has a Co-OP campaign and competitive multiplayer, with the “twist” being that every match or campaign chapter everyone starts at level 1 again and you gain levels super quick, so it’s less about building your character to deal with everything and more about choosing skills that will help you in the moment.

Watch the 20min campaign video to get an idea.

Honestly I wish a game would be left in it’s concept art stage. It would be gritty, it would have that freshly drawn pencil feel however personal gripe aside, I really like what they done so far, just need to play it now.