Artefact level 729?


I’ve been playing borderland 3 on Pc for a long time and a few months ago I had a good surprise: I had forgotten to close my party, a player joined me and he gave me an artefact level 729 :open_mouth:, say hello and left ! I never saw it again. Is it a PS4 or Xbox artefact? How can you find this kind of artefact at this level ?

Thank you ! :grinning:

I don’t know the language but if I had to guess…
Maybe a modded item? :flushed:

Looks modded since that second bonus looks like it’s ASA 200% and those don’t come on artifacts!

modded item : is it possible ? :open_mouth:

Oh for sure, console and PC have players that use programs to make these items. Sometimes they just hand em out in peoples games.
Just don’t advocate for the use of them and you’ll be fine.
Actually, throw it away and delete it from your game, otherwise that’s TOS!!!

…not that anyone would know :shushing_face:

Closed as the question has been answered (and before anyone decides to take the thread down the rabbit hole…)