Artic Night Hawkin

I used the Night Hawkin earlier this morning farming bosses. When I quit to the main menu and came back into the game I noticed that my gun was doing significantly less damage. I looked at the stats and it had morphed to a gun with x4 dmg to the base to a base of 412 with no modifier. I would like to know if its possible to get the Night Hawkin smg with the x4 modifier again or it was a bug and the smg is only supposed to be 412 dmg.

The Night Hawking does different damage and changes element depending on time of the day. Never seen a x4 though. Anyway great gun at certain times.

I literally have the same problem. I had one drop with x3 on it and when i quit the game and got back after a while the modifier was gone.
I got a save from someone who has it and when i transfer it to my character the modifier disappears.

It’s part of the Night Hawkins mechanic. I think during Night time you deal incendiary damage with x3. During Day time you deal cryo damage with the x1 projectile.


Nighthawkin has the unique property where it changes its damage and element depending on the time of the day. During daytime, it does x1 cryo damage. Duuring night time, it does x3 fire damage. In places like the Sanctuary where there is no day/night cycle, it will always show its base value at x1

I have to ask day or night in-game? I was using it in Lectra and didn’t see a change. Could’ve been me but it made me curious.