Artifact battle: Atom Balm vs. Elemental Projector

I’m trying to figure out which of these would add more radiation damage and I assume the Elemental Projector wins this but not sure how to figure it out.

I attempted to compare them against the Jack dummy but I’m not adept at photo mode or math or testing. Just doing some shots with a 150/50 anointed Kaoson it looked like the EP was doing about 46k radiation dmg while the AB was doing about 36k. However, I wasn’t suffering from radiation myself so the EP wasn’t reaching max potential and there weren’t other enemies around which I assume would benefit the AB.

Help me Obi @Prismatic Kenobi. You’re my only hope.

Word of warning. If you are ever trying to test this I would advise you to NOT use a radiation Beacon to try and apply the radiation status effect to yourself. It doesn’t end well. However, Ellie and Marcus will revive you over and over and over while you attempt to radiate yourself “a little” without dying. lol

It seems like neither effect would add anything by default on the training dummy. The EP artifact also has a +21% Rad bonus, of course.

I prefer the Atom Balm Deathless because you don’t have to take the time to add the self damage affect,it’s just a personal preference,but that Ep has alot going for it with extra dmg and the additional irradiate chance,so of the two just by the numbers i would say the Ep is way stronger.