Artifact Cup #15 - Saturday 26th 8pm CET


We are on our 15th edition of the Artifact Cup! It happens every 15 days, on the Saturdays, currently being held at 20:00 CET!


Let’s have some games shall we? These are the rules:

Sign up Deadline: November 26th 19:59:59 CET
Format: Single Elimination;
Series size: Best of Three till the semifinals, Finals are Bo5.
Match Configurations: Artifact Mode on, 5 Artifacts per map
Map pool: Kalash Teeth [2], Torin Crater [2], The Boneyard [2], Firebase Kriil [2], The Shallows [2], Gaalsien Territories [2] and Canyon Outpost [4].
Map veto order: ABAB ABC for Best of 3, AB ABABC for Best of 5.
Factions: All factions are allowed, including Random, but players must stick to one faction during the whole series

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